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Prom - And so it begins...



It's my Senior Year of Highschool, and according to every Teen movie ever made the sole purpose of Senior Year, and perhaps all of highschool, is to attend the prom. "The Prom", the idealized vision of American life, a promise of beauty and glamor that ends with people getting drunk, puking into toilets and having sex with people that in two weeks they'll never see again.


So, like most other highschools, my school hosts a prom. I stubbornly refused to go last year until a combination of factors broke my resolve. A a planner of the prom I was required to go by the school, and it wouldn't have been looked kindly upon if I'd gotten "sick" at the last minute. Secondly, my parents badly wanted me to go, and they didn't want me to go alone. Thirdly, and perhaps most shamefully (well, at least others seem to think so) I was bribed into going with a female friend. The bribe? A used iBook. My parents know my weakness.


This year, I thought I'd settled everything. I didn't have to go as I hadn't planned the dance, and I'd made the gracious concession to my parents to agree to go. Alone. The friend I went with last year as "just friends" has a boyfriend, and I don't particularly feel like asking another girl. It's not nice to lead people on. As for inviting a guy? Our student handbook explicitly states: "guests must be of the opposite sex." Yay for tolerance. There's a way around that restriction, inviting another guy who goes to my school (and is therefore not a guest), but nobody's out and it's not worth the effort anyway.


But my parents refuse to give up. Having successfully convinced me to go to Prom (or so they think) they now want me to choose a date. The fact that one of my best friends was literally manipulated into going with a girl (he's still dazed) has only spurred them on further. This is the guy who I mentioned in "Save a horse, ride a cowboy", who got his hair dyed while I got my haircut, bought $90 worth of skin/hair care products, and was heard to comment at a swim meet "That guy has pretty abs." My parents by the way have even graciously made the choice of a prom date for me. They're guilt tripping me into asking her: "she'll be so sad if she doesn't have a date", persuading my friends to convince me, and I don't even know if she wants to go with me!


All I really want to do is go and have fun with my friends but I know by the time this is over it's going to be one damned spectacle, just like it was last year.




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First of all, I'd just like to point out that that rule in your school's handbook is so completely easy to change. We had the same thing in my highschool. This one kid Tom wanted to bring his boyfriend of almost 2 years, so he went and talked to the principal and within the day the rules were already changing. Of course it could have been dumb luck and a very progressive principal, but if you want to bring another guy, why not take the shot? Also please don't confuse that with me telling you to be some sort of revolutionary, because I'm not. I'm just saying if there is a boy that you would like to bring, what's the harm in seeing if you could finagle his way in?


And also, there is such a stigma attached to going stag to prom, and seriously, it's like I tell everyone else: It's just prom. It's one more night to party with your friends, except this time you're wearing a tuxedo. If your entire life is dependant upon having that perfect fairytale prom from the movies, then you a.) are going to be horribly dissapointed and b.) should re-evaluate what is important in your life. I think the fact that you just want to go and have fun is a healthy attitude about it, because in the end I thought that's what prom was for, one last hurrah for all of your friends.


So go and have a good time, stag or not, and enjoy it, because life's just too short not to :-)

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Thanks Caipirinha, that reccomendation about changing the rules would work except for two factors. One I don't have a boyfriend. And two, were I to approach anyone and ask that to be changed, people would correctly assume I'm gay and all hell would break loose.


To put it nicely, the principal isn't a very progressive man, and I have a feeling neither are quite a few people at my school. Were I to come out at school, it would most likely result in being shunned by many, and basically split the student body in favor of those who support me, and those that wished to see me gone. It would most likely become a mess that I'd rather not deal with.


But yeah, I just want to have fun :)



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if you end up going..a hint/suggestion...approach your friend, who may be Gay (gotta love the pretty abs comment...very sweet...and abs..well...yummy) and go with him and his date....then you two Guys can hang out together and have fun and sit at the same table.....it will be like a stealth date...you two dating each other:) and we won't tell if you won't....and at least the 2 of you can guy watch (even though you will say you aren't and can check out the swim team...and hmmm..maybe at the end of the night, you two can drop your official dates off and agree to hang out together...you never know....you may get a real kiss with him (not the girls) and he and you get to chill and have some fun.


Add to that since both of you are students..then you aren't each others guests...and of course let the girls know you are all going as friends..just friends....then they have no expectations of any romance and you two Guys can well....see what develops between the two of you:)...maybe even a Milo/Nelson kind of kiss..as in romantic, hot and lots of them:)


Just a suggestion and thought:)


Good Luck and let us know:)



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I felt the need to comment for some reason. I took a guy to my prom. But then, I don't go to a religious oriented school. And once everyone had a little alcohol in them, no one gave a shit.


My advice: Go! Have fun! Take a girl as a friend and just have fun. It's not like you're getting her pregnant. Just be clear about the friends part.

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Dio...in public schools around here...its not an issue..but I think in Catholic schools a huge one..at least in teh states....sad..but true....


I say go as friends..grab the hottie..sit at his table...sit next to him...and the girls on each either side of them...then they get to hang out together....all are friends...then chill afterward (Shadow and his guy friend...who sounds like one of us on our team:)


Good Luck, Shadows:)



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