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St. Patrick's Day was not as fun as i thought it would be...I woke up at 7:20, rushed to school to get to my 7:30 class not realizing I forgot my green...then when I reached first period, i was confronted with the smells of bacon... I had forgotten that first period was a party...


Later throughout the day (friday) I received a couple hundred pinches...and one girl actually grasped my bicep with both her hands, and squeezed it with all her might (this girl weighs about 180) leaving me grimacing in pain... <_<






So today, or should I say yesterday as the time now reads 3:00AM, I had an interesting series of events. I first started the day off with a Speech and Debate tournament...now as most of you know, the majority of the guys who participate in S&D are infact gay and very effeminate...I however am not, having a very low voice with a jock-like build...


In one debate, I encountered an obvious fella who was really adament about strutting his stuff, but when it came to debate time, he got intimidated by me...after the round, he did not want to shake hands with me, and his face looked...scared. When we walked back to the student's lounge, I asked him if he was all right, and he replied, "Yes, sir." Imagine my shock, being acknowledged as a sir...after a walk of about five minutes (five minutes of which we never said one word to another) he turns around facing me and starts going off.


"If you have a problem with me, I would like to know. I'm not just some little bitch. I know when stupid republicans like you talk about me," he said (somewhere along those lines)...


i was so shocked... :blink:

I mean, I had not intended to intimidate him....My intentions were soley on my debate, but this guy, thought I was a stupid republican who had a problem with his lifestyle...


I'm not a gay basher/stupid republican/anti-gay activist!!!


I don't know why he said this to me! Do I come off as a person who would hate gays? i mean...I think no, being one a person who is attracted to other guys myself...but i mean...how do you deal with that? Someone thought you hated them, because you had views against their sexuality...I mean I was apalled....I was frustrated.....


After this incident, I became somewhat rattled...how are you supposed to answer someone who accused you of bigotry? ....but being the stupid teenager I am...i said:

"hey, wtf, I didn't even know that you're gay, i mean why would I care that you're gay, why would i care about you?" and now this reply might have been harsh, but please understand that I had 40,000 different emotions sprinting around in my stomach. What I meant to say is: "Why would it matter if you were gay?"...anyway, after my little outburst the kid just walked off... <_<


Anyway, during my next round of debate, I put aside all of those previous thoughts I had pertaining to the confrontation...but what I hadn't anticipated was my 2nd round opponent being VERY VERY VERY ATTRACTIVE...hell, I'll say it: VERY VERY VERY SEXY! I mean he really was something else....


well...after the debate had finished, I shook everyone's hand leading up to the final handshake with mr. sexy...we clasped hands and I could feel the softness of his fingers, while enclosing my hand with his...i felt him starting to explore my hand, his thumb rubbing my hand gently...we really did hold hands for about 6 seconds...which in hand-shake land is about 2 hours. Then he said to me, and these were his exact words, "that was a great debate...I loved going against you. I mean I hope you don't take that heated cross-examination personally...I wouldn't want you to think that...." he said with a wink....


Is this what I think it is? Is this flirting? I mean I wouldn't know...sure I do it with girls, but guys are another story....hmmm...what do you guys think? Did i receive my first hit-on??? **Gulp** :mellow:





I went to a party (backyard bash) and had a great time. I hung out with my friends, drank some adult beverages and had a blast... My two friends, who thought it would be funny to get their tongue and lips stuck to their popsicles (the popsicle looked frozen...) actually achieved this task (sort of like when Dumb & dumber put their tongues on the frozen pole)....but what they didn't except was the amount of pain and blood gushing that soon followed their little incident...


what a day....I receive my first acusation of being a bigot, I receive my first hit-on by a guy (at least I hope that's what it was), and my two friends manage to get their lips/tongues stuck to a frozen popsicle...that's my life. ^_^




p.s. me and my debate partner qualified for states!!! :D

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Hey Danny :)


Yep, I'd say the 2nd round opponent was hitting on you :2thumbs: . Maybe you'll see him again at State?


Try not to worry too much about the first guy. I mean first of all you didn't mean to hurt his feelings, and secondly you DON'T hold those beliefs, so clearly he was being a little over-sensitive and paranoid. Which of course is understandable from his point of view. I mean he probably recieves a good bit of intolerance about being gay :( , and if you do "look" intimidating and seem to hold those views; I can understand how he could be a little shaken up. However, it was still his mistake not yours. Besides, reading about the interaction I really don't think you came off mean or harsh at all. Maybe next time you see him (if you ever see him again), you can just go up to him and be friendly and let him know you really don't have a problem with him.


LOL when I was about 8 or so I got my tongue froozen to a large chunk of ice :( . Wasn't so bad though, I didn't freak out I just ran warm water over it until it melted a bit. Anyway I hope your friends are okay, and I'm glad you didn't get stuck too lol!


Take care and have an awesome day,


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Wow, some weekend. Hmm, do you know anything more about flirtatious debate opponent? You could always need to "practice" with someone new and remember him...


On the first guy, don't worry about it. I think he probably associated you with someone who has or continues to persecute him and thus the backlash. I seriously doubt it's anything personal.


And why exactly is your debate team filled with gay people and alcoholic beverages? Why are you so lucky? Damn you...



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I don't think you need help. It sounds as if you handled yourself really well, and had a good weekend to boot.


I did the frozen popsicle thing with an ice tray... You only ever do it once!


Camy B)

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I'm not a gay basher/stupid republican/anti-gay activist!!!



You might be surprised to find out that those things aren't exactly mutually exclusive. There are more gay republicans than you might imagine, although I'm not sure why. In fact some of them were actually the "brains" of the republican party until they were outed. Some analysts think that is why the wheels seem to have fallen off Dubyah's wagon since 2002.


In their purest forms, both the democrats and republicans have excellent core philisophies. The problem, of course, is that both parties have been whored out by special interests and have lost their way.

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what a day....I receive my first acusation of being a bigot, I receive my first hit-on by a guy (at least I hope that's what it was), and my two friends manage to get their lips/tongues stuck to a frozen popsicle...that's my life.




p.s. me and my debate partner qualified for states!!!


Hey kDil!


It sounds as if you had a great weekend! A confusing/fun/entertaining weekend. :) Those are always welcome. Secondly I want to give you a huge CONGRATULATIONS for making it to state!!! That's awsome!!! Congrats! :2thumbs: I hope you and your debate partner do great! Good luck!! :2thumbs:


- Kaiten

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I'd say yes, you were on the recieving end of a pass from that guy. As Kevin said, maybe you'll see him again at State? would you want to see him again? thoughts for you to ponder maybe.


As for the other guy. Don't take anything he said personally. He was probably just being a bit paranoid. Don't let what happened get to you, mate :)

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