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Jurassic Park World




I enjoyed this movie.  I was a big fan of the first Jurassic Park.  It was a definite classic.  Of course, that was before Steven Speilberg nuked the fridge...

Jurassic Park 2 kind of sucked as the only character they kept was Jeff "The Annoyance" Goldblum.  Jurassic Park III, well... it was better than 2.  The kid was less annoying too.  So yeah... this is better than 2 or 3. :)

Have you seen it?  Where does it rate for you?

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I enjoyed it :) A good action movie that had some great characterisations. The two leads had the almost-stereotypical interactions of an alpha male and an alpha female, but I found Pratt's interactions with the raptors to be very believable.  However, the acting award, for me, goes to Grey. It's never explicitly stated, but he does an excellent job portraying a kid on the autism spectrum. It's the little touches that do it, like how when he was told to hold his brother's hand, and he tries to do so, or how he's passionate on one subject, and knows as much as he can on that one subject.


I thought the ending of the big fight was unexpected, but it had been foreshadowed earlier in the movie. My only concern was that while it was surprising and dramatic, it also felt a little anti-climatic. Almost a deus-ex-machina...


Having said that it's a movie that I've watched more than once with the family, and I'm sure I'll watch it again in the future. :D

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The only problem I had with the movie is this, how the hell did claire go that whole movie in high heels? Seriously, girl didn't even stumble in them.

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6 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Seriously, girl didn't even stumble in them.

The standard answer applies here... "because it was in the script" ;)

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@Graeme Been reading Reddit, have you? ;)

Honestly, I love Jurassic World. Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson are totally believable as brothers, and I think it's very sweet how they get along. :*) I haven't seen the new movie yet, though. :rolleyes:

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Actually, no. I've just got enough experience with kids on the spectrum to recognise it when I see it. :) Which is why I'm impressed when I see it in a movie because that means the kid is a real actor.

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