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Writing Prompts #680 & #681



I'm back again! Happy Friday! Did everyone make it through the week? Did you get some writing done? There's always time for a little flash, right? Well, maybe you wrote for the game featured last week or maybe you wrote for the weekly prompts, or maybe you wrote something of your own. Either way, great job! Or perhaps one of this week's prompts will catch your fancy. Give it a go!


Prompt 680 – Creative

Tag – First Line

Don’t bother trying, kid. I’ve been trapped here a week, I think.


Prompt 681 – Creative

Tag - The class

When you were hired, you were told you’d be teaching English as a second language to aliens, and you’d have five students. When you heard aliens, you thought you meant children from somewhere south of the border or perhaps Asian. Instead there are five literal aliens from another world. What do you do?



Did you write a prompt response last week? Don't forget to share it below. And here's a link to the site newsletter with links to all of the Gay Pride Headline Prompt Game responses! 

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