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A Guide to the Tampa Chronicles

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The Tampa Chronicles series is a set of stories that are set in my hometown of Tampa, FL. Each story is built features a cast of characters that show family, love, and values.


In the first book, A New Life and a New Home I introduce to you the small mother/son family of Jill and Chandon Bolton, and Chandon's boyfriend Brayon Hopper. In this story, Brayon is disowned by his parents, when he comes out as gay to them. It is the binding of the new family unit, that completes this short one chapter story. Interesting note: Chandon, Brayon, and Jill are all based on real-life friends from high school. I still talk to them occasionally.


In book two, My Son you learn of the lives of Adam Smith and his estranged son, Robert Turner. Adam is a successful businessman in his own right, and after selling off several patents in medical devices, he moves back to Tampa. While setting up his new life, as a 38-year-old retiree, he gets a call from the Florida Department of Children and Families. The story follows the process of Adam meeting his son for the first time, and trials and tribulations they go through. You also meet Adam's longtime friend Duncan Isen, who admits he's Bisexual and has been in love with Adam since they were teens. Their budding relationship is secondary to the main story, much like Rob's relationship with Giles O'Sullivan.


Book three, A Few Days in the Life of Jeremy Isen introduces a new character to the story. Jeremy is a freshman high school student who is an active practitioner in martial arts and photo-journalist. He's the son of Duncan's older brother Ian and his wife Debbie. The story follows shortly over events that happen during the last month of the school year, and the start of summer vacation. 


After the introduction of Jeremy to the story, the currently untitled fourth book will center around the core group of Adam, Duncan, Rob, Jeremy, Giles, Brayon, Chandon, and Jill. It will show their lives, and how they connect together. It will also include a look of my hometown of Tampa, FL through their eyes. The stories are told in a Deep-PoV style and will head-hop as necessary in order to give you the perspective of each of the characters, as they interact with each other.

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