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August CSR Feature: The Hidden Ones: The Spotlight by Aceinthehole



Oh, how the world turns... for so many in the upper hemisphere, summer is coming to a close and that means school is beginning again. And with school, we think of teenagers and all that comes with them--the angst and pain of growing up and fitting in or maybe not fitting in. One of our recent promotions to the ranks of Promising Authors, Aceinthehole is one of the site authors who has written a popular story featuring a story that is "a slice of reality of broken people. The ups and downs of growing up" (review by mogwhy). Intrigued by that review and the others on the story, I'm going to take a leap and feature a story that so many readers seem to have been drawn to already even though it's a lot longer than a normal feature. So take advantage of these few last lazy days, if you have them, and enjoy August's CSR feature before the Discussion day on Monday, August 27th. 


The Hidden Ones: The Spotlight

by Aceinthehole


Length: 188,633

Description: Imagine your perfect life. What’s it like? Are you rich? Are you popular? Do you have a million cars? Well 17 year old Teddy Haner doesn't have to imagine. Being student body president, and captain of his lacrosse team…he has everything! However when a new mysterious friend flips his world upside down, and starts to ascend to stardom, he finds that there’s a lot more to life than popularity.


A Reader Said: 

Great story about the rejected kid and the most popular one in school and what they want in life.

but keep a box of kleenex nearby for some of the chapters.  ~tabaqui


Remember to come back and share your thoughts on the Discussion day on Monday, August 27th

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Unfortunately, I won't have time to read this story before the discussion day, but it sounds intriguing.  I'm looking forward to the interview though, since I'm not familiar with Aceinthehole's writing.  

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