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Thirdly's Censoring Adventures

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To any of you that enjoy using the application "Tapas," or frequent the website "tapas.io," I've been slowly uploading all of my work (even my collaborative work, with permission, of course) there. It's under Thirdly. Tapas has a more strict-ish setup for stories, so I have had the incredibly gargantuan task of CENSORING everything.  😱


For example, for Lust and Chastity, I had to "clean up" the smut down from NC-17 to rated R not once, but three times over per chapter. I know for a FACT that it's still not clean as the chapters should be. But, I have been doing my best to comply. Do any of you remember a chapter where Finian was apparently covered in cum TWICE before ever even crossing over to Zirao Zion? Apparently, it happened. 


If any of you have Tapas, I ask that you take a peek at Lust and Chastity for me and let me know if I did a decent job of it. 


I dread going over the Galamin chapter...I have to change it all to traumatic torture without pushing that rated R too hard. *drags hands down her face*


Wish me luck.


I started with LC first because it only has 19 chapters. 


I think I might break down crying when I start trying to censor Kidnapping is Always an Option. If I ever get that far, I'll probably update this post with my complaints. :lol:

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Oh my gosh, I finally did it! I censored Lust and Chastity to my best ability without it pushing the 'R' rating too hard! If any of you are curious as to how the last few chapters were changed in the case of Galamin's assault, the last four censored chapters or so should be available on HindertoyBL's fictionpress account in about a half hour or so. 

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