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College Weeks 11, 12, & 13

Drew Espinosa


Howdy y'all! :hug:  These last few weeks have been busy for me, to say the least.


Without further ado, let's begin!


PHYS 2425: In Week 11, we finished up on waves. My professor went over sound waves, the Doppler Effect, and finally the superposition of waves. In Week 12, we began new material, this time on Temperature. We learned about four different temperature scales: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and Rankine. We then learned how the raising and lowering of temperatures can affect the shape of objects, whether they are solids, liquids, or gases. Speaking of that last phase, my professor also went over the Ideal Gas Law. (And no, @Headstall, it's not how many 'pffts' a day are ideal. :P ) Anyways, Week 12 was also Exam Week for Physics. And... it was difficult. The median score for that exam was 58%. Well over half my class failed the third exam. And honestly, I am surprised that I didn't fail this exam, but it's not worth celebrating given how so few actually passed. Next, we have Week 13, this was Thanksgiving Week, so it would be a short one for classes. The College was open as usual on Monday and Tuesday, and closed at noon on Wednesday. So, in Physics, on Monday, we learned about Heat. And that's it for lectures this week. Wednesday morning, instead of the usual lecture, my professor held an Ask Me Anything for his classes. It was not mandatory, so students could choose to attend or not. I attended and it was really interesting. We ended up asking him about black holes, dark energy and dark matter. And, it just shows that is PhD was well deserved.


MATH 2414: Week 11 was basically a review on what we learned since Exam 1, because Exam 2 was coming up. My teacher told us that this exam would be long, so it wouldn't be held during class, but would be taken in the Testing Center, which gives us as much time as we need to finish it. And as it turned out, it took me four hours to finish the second exam. Week 12 is when thing got interesting. We learned about the Indeterminate Form of the Limit, which led us to learning about L'Hopital's Rule. Basically, Indeterminate Forms are limits equal things like 0/0 or infinity over infinity. L'Hopital's rule simply state's that the limit (as x approaches c) of f(x)/g(x) is equal to the the limit (as x approaches c) of f'(x)/g'(x). In short, if you take the derivative of the numerator and of the denominator, you can find the limit that isn't in an indeterminate form. Next, we learned about Improper integrals, and how to use the limit to solve them. Then, in Week 12 things got really interesting. We learned about infinite sequences. And then, Week 13 came along... @Parker Owens Can you guess what we learned next?




These next few weeks are gonna be fun! :D 


ENGR 1201: During Week 11, we prepared for an Exam on Universal Units. (Can y'all see the pattern here?) Then in Week 12, we took the exam and I got an A on it! Finally, on Monday of Week 13, we went to a computer lab to work on a computer program called MATLAB. Apparently it does things better than a graphing calculator so I was intrigued. But... the computers wouldn't work as they were supposed to. So, those plans were scrapped. Instead, she had us work on our design projects.


Question: In regards to Physics, on Exam 1, the median score was 66, on Exam 2 it was 69, and on Exam 3 it was 58. The teacher has the responsibility to teach the material and the student has the responsibility to study that material. The question is, who has greater responsibility, the teacher or the student? Or do they bear equal responsibility. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Finally: I'm now registered for Spring 2019. I'll be taking the following classes:

  • Principles of Physics II
  • Calculus III
  • Differential Equations
  • Engineering Mechanics I (Statics)


I'm looking forward to next semester!

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They are covering the material very fast, so it's not surprising that some people are struggling.


Your friends on gay authors are very proud of you for passing all your exams. You are a great credit to the site. 🙂


Series will be fun when you get to them. Divergent series can be especially amusing !!

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Ooooh! I guessed it! I’m grinning from ear to ear. As it happens, your prof does some things in different order than I do, but who cares? It’s great fun to tackle all this fun stuff. I only wish I could take the  course with you - one always gets a new angle on teaching when you do something you know with a new teacher or approach. Will be thinking of you! 

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It puzzles me as to why so many are struggling in your Physics class. Very proud of you for passing the exam. Does the prof take some perverse pride in students scoring so poorly ... "my courses are tough". Were it I, I think I would wonder why my students weren't developing a better understanding of the material.

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Yay! Keep up the good work, Drew.


Your question about responsibility can't really be answered properly by an outsider.  Lol - too many variables:


The quality of the teaching.

The effort on the students' part

The volume of material covered

Support mechanisms available

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