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Featured Story: Finding Refuge



Is it Monday yet? I'm on holidays and had a nice sleep in, which means a delay in getting this great review up! My apologies.


Finding Refuge


Reviewer: Timothy M.

Status: Complete

Word Count: 13,178

Do you like a good cowboy story? Whether you do or not, I’m willing to bet you’ll enjoy this tale about two cowboys who’re in dire need of refuge. One is being hunted and has lost his best friend to the evil men following him. He and his trusted horse are on their last legs, thirsty and tired, when the story begins.

It’s difficult to describe the content without spoiling the delightful twist and turns, which are a wonderful part of the joy Gary’s short story gave me. But I think no one will be surprised to learn that, in true Headstall style, the heroes are decent, honest, gorgeous guys, who long for that one special person in their lives. Someone to trust, to love, and to share the dream of a home and a life filled with hard work, laughter and –ahem– hot man sex. :P  Not that there is any of the latter in this story. :( 


Maybe I’ll just share some of the enthusiastic comments from readers and let you discover the rest for yourself.

@Coastguard: I absolutely LOVE the way you write. I've always enjoyed cowboy stories, and this one was exceptionally well written!

@Zeke Pine: Sir, this story holds much potential. Should you decide to add to it, I will not miss a chapter.

@ColumbusGuy: Okay, I won't say I'm a fan of Westerns now, but you brought me durn close, I reckon.

@LitLover: Your approach to a traditional cowboy story was interesting and engaging, drawing me in from the first line.

@Albert1434: The whole time I read this I could hear the music from the Good the Bad and the Ugly playing in the back ground.


Category: Winter - Rewind. Pre-2016 Themes  Genres: Adventure, Romance, Western  Tags:  adult, gay, north america,  serious, animals Rating: Teen

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Recommended Comments

Great review, Tim.  This story is a must-read.  :) 

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52 minutes ago, Valkyrie said:

Great review, Tim.  This story is a must-read.  :) 

Thanks, Val. :hug: 

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33 minutes ago, MacGreg said:

This is one of my favorites by Gary.

Thanks, Mac. I appreciate that. It's a favorite of mine for sure. :) 

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I wouldn't normally dream of reading a Western, but I took a chance on this one. It was @Headstall, after all. ;) I can remember enjoying it a lot, and even wishing there was more. :)

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2 minutes ago, dughlas said:

Great review of an excellent story.

Thanks, dugh! :hug: 

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3 hours ago, Mikiesboy said:

i enjoyed this story very much.

Thank you, tim. Much appreciated. :) 

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