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Prompt 786 and Prompt 787



First off my apology. I posted the blog and then forgot to post the prompts in the forum. D'oh! I went to look for those that might have done them and felt foolish. I promise they are up now and anyone who posts them, I will include with next week's prompts.

Anyway, time for some new prompts.

Prompt 786 - Creative

Tag - First Line

You watched as the water rushed into the cave as you tugged helplessly at the shackle on your arm; realizing high tide was starting to fill the space, dooming you to drown.

Prompt 787 - Creative

Tag - Super Power

Your parents are the two best known superheroes in the world. There is nothing tat they can't do. As their youngest child, hopes are high that you will follow with amazing powers of your own. Unfortunately, your super power kicks in the first time you kiss and your power is like no other and your parents don't know what to do. What is your super power?

Hopefully, something will click and people will take a shot. If you do remember to link your story to the prompt page.

'til next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe.

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