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Anthology Flashback - Winter 2013 (1 of 3)

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Just a reminder to authors... you have until Nov 15 to submit your Fall 2019 Anthologies!

For this month, we will be doing 3 weeks of of Winter 2013 Anthologies.  "Recipe for Disaster"


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    • By comicfan
      I promise i have been writing. I am so happy to announce that I have completed a story for each of the Fall Anthologies. Yes, not writing, not hoping to finish. They are COMPLETE!
      I have also have finally finished what should have been part of the Halloween Hunt celebration Cia put together. (Yes, all the admins work their butts off for these special projects.) However, my timing was off and guess what is nearly complete on the first of November. Right,my Halloween story. Oh well. I'll be looking for a beta and editor for it.
      So as soon as these are out of my hands I'm on to a Christmas story and the new story (Next Chapter). See not posting 'til complete and edited. So still writing. Just wanted everyone to know I'm still here and not just creating the prompts. Lol.
    • By Myr
      Each year, Gay Authors sets a number of themes for stories.  Typically, there are 4 themes during the year.  An author writes a story that is related to that theme and the story is posted as group with the anthology. 
      These are GA sponsored events.
      More extensive details can be found here in the Anthology Forum:
    • By comicfan
      So, personally I've had to deal with some changes. I've had all sorts of issues and still dealing but fighting on. Two years ago I had two detached retinas and had surgery. Last year I ended up having a triple bypass. Add the end of a seven year relationship and things have been in a dark place.
      Decided I needed to focus on things I could do.
      First up is complete a story I left in limbo. Life changes was originally finished, but the computer I had died and then my life hit the wall. Anyway, I can't remember what I'd had originally so I just wrote a whole new ending. So the story is 8 chapters and an epilogue. 
      Secondly, I'm finishing a story for the anthology. Seeon and company will be back for this story. With a topic like in the stars how could I ignore him.
      Third, Cia has a piece up about writing a story under the theme "Coming Out". Going to try and tackle that as well.
      Finally, working on a new story but won't even say anything til that sucker is complete. When it posts I want it all set with no delays 
    • By comicfan
      Hi all,
      I'll start off by saying I'm healthy for the moment. Last year, it was detached retinas. This year, I had triple bypass surgery.  Needless to say, I haven't been in a good place and writing was very sporadic if at all.
      I'm trying hard to make a comeback.  Right now, I have finished a story for the fall/winter anthology which is being read and commented on, so yeah, something is done.
      The final chapter/epilogue for Jonas is written. Now it is waiting on me finding a beta and editor. Yes, the long wait is over.
      I have been writing a dragon shifter story. It was put off when a beta read it and we couldn't mesh. Took a while, but finally gone back to it and am determined to finish. 
      Finally, writing on a story that was begun and was abandoned. It's not because I didn't like it, more like health issues stopped it, and to be honest, I forgot it completely. Anyway, in process of finishing the last three or four chapters. What i did have written was lost when my computer died at the time, so basically been trying to remember what i did, and recreate it.
      Sorry for delays, but think I might be ok for a bit. Anyone interested in beta or editor work, let me know.
    • By Renee Stevens
      It's hard to believe that the year is almost over! With the end of the year comes our final 2015 Anthology. The theme for the Winter Anthology was Blackout, and ten authors took the challenge. There are some different takes to the stories and we hope that you enjoy them. Don't forget, if you enjoy a story, leave the author a little note (via review) to let them know how much you appreciate their work! To get you started, here's a brief snippet of each entry. Happy reading everyone!


      08:15 AM Redux


      Romeo was over an hour late. No texts. No messages. And he had forgotten his keys left on the kitchen table. Julian flicked his finger against the little cake pendant. He had found it on Etsy and immediately bought it. A deceptively realistic slice of strawberry cheesecake, with red sauce dripping down its sides. The whole evening he had been feeling inexplicably on edge.
      When the doorbell rang, he breathed out in relief. Finally! Snatching the key chain, he ran into the hall.
      Ripping the door open, he grinned. Romeo didn't need to know he had been worried. “Someone forgot their k…” But the smile froze on his face when he saw Ren.

      Burning Bright

      Renee Stevens

      Oh god, not again.
      I clenched the steering wheel as the first twinges of pain hit. Maybe I could still make it home before the throbbing started. I’d really hoped the new medication would prevent my migraines. They had for the most part, but occasionally one still managed to slip through the cracks. The fuzziness in my vision had been my first indication that a migraine was looming. The colorful zigzag pattern started at the edges of my vision and proceeded to work its way inward, until they multiplied and blurred even more of my vision. It made it impossible to see clearly, and the only respite from the distorted vision was to close my eyes.

      Christmas Starlight

      C. When

      As we passed through the decorated market, lit by the orange glow of ancient lights that simulated ‘sunset’, Marius dragged me across the ‘town square’ at the center of the market past the tall pine tree that grew there, and around the small tables toward the ancient collections stall located against the far wall of the Market Bay. We weaved our way through the throngs of families with children dashing about, the various people surrounding stalls, haggling for the best price, the lines at the food stalls, and others just looking for some excitement. The various stalls had small decorations for the holiday to draw attention to their secondhand and recycled wares. At one stand, a woman was trying to trade a small shirt for a larger one while holding on to a young growing child's hand.

      Day and Night

      Drew Espinosa

      Going to Adam’s, I’ll be back by 9. Love you.
      The message sent, Luke quickly put away his phone after making sure once more that a teacher wasn’t in sight. With a sigh of relief, he closed his locker and with everything in tow, made his way to the main entrance.
      Autumn had finally set in, the trees were now mostly bare and most of the leaves had finally dispersed, with some colorful patches still seen here and there. With the afternoon sun shining so brightly, Luke hoped it might be a warm day. But after stepping outside the school’s main doors, a cold breeze blew past him. Luke wisely zipped up his sweater and after adjusting his backpack, placed his hands in his pockets.



      My head hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. I groaned and sat up, only to immediately lie back down due to the shooting daggers of pain exploding through my skull. What the hell did I do last night? And where the hell was I? I was lying on the floor, as my back was very clearly letting me know. I sat up much more slowly this time, and opened one of my eyes, then the other one.
      It was pitch black, wherever I was. The pain in my head lessened to a dull ache. My body felt like it’d been run over by a freight train. I tried to remember the last thing I did, but felt a surge of panic as I realized I had no memory. As in none. I didn’t even remember my name. I fished in my pocket, relieved to find my cell phone. I turned it on, wincing from the bright light slicing through the impenetrable ink.



      “No, no, no.” The junk ship assigned to me had parts shaking loose every time I landed, but during my last furlough, it’d supposedly gone through a thorough diagnostic and repair. From the outside, well… it still looked like a rusty pile of shit, but nothing had been dangling from damaged hinges or loose wires for once.
      “Fucking Anslough.” He was the lead mechanic. I’d blown him once and then let him suck me off, but his skills had been on par with his repair abilities; I should have known better—on both counts.
      Now I was about to crash on an uncharted planet in an unresponsive ship. Hard. I banged on the panel with my fist, and the display lit up once, flickered… then went black. My internal links didn’t work, the backup system was down, the engines unresponsive, and I couldn’t even close the external viewport screens.

      Lights On!



      Black out – Lights on!

      Seeing what is veiled

      By the dark.


      Prying Ears


      "... come on, dude, you have to go..."
      Colt paused as he passed by Ryan's door. He smiled at the voice of his son's new friend, Trent, from down the street. It had taken Ryan a couple of months before he'd even talk to any of the other teens who played basketball at the neighborhood court. Ryan had come a long way since he'd moved in with Colt and Shane, but he still had a ways to go.
      Colt knew Trent was a decent kid, having met his parents at several of their block parties. Trent had caught Ryan watching their pick-up basketball games several times, and even though Ryan had tried to avoid the boy, Trent had been determined to draw him out.

      Storm Survivors

      Carlos Hazday

      The intermittent rain had begun late the previous evening. As Jessie eased the skiff away from the dock, there had been no sunrise to enjoy―gray clouds blanketed the sky. Heading out on the Guana River, the young man kept glancing towards the west, where the darkness above him appeared to expand with each passing minute. His furrowed brow hinted at the growing apprehension the Texan was experiencing; this one was going to be a big one. The frequency of periods with precipitation and gusting winds steadily increased, as he used the fishing net to retrieve each catch. An hour or so after setting out, Jessie decided it was best he remove himself from the path of the intensifying storm. It was time to return to the environmental station building which had become home to him, Lars, and Aitor over the previous year.

      The Embers

      Cole Matthews

      I stood in the entryway of the restaurant, rather disgusted by what I was witnessing. A cook was in clear view in the kitchen window picking his nose. He was really digging in there, and had a haunted, almost vacant look on his scruffy face. I wanted to turn around and walk away, but I couldn’t. For some reason, this place had drawn me.
      "Can I help you?" a woman's voice diverted my attention. She was in her late teens, possibly early twenties, and still had a rash of angry acne on her cheeks. Her impossibly blonde hair with telltale brown roots was tied back in a ponytail. Her white shirt had light pink stains on the sides and arms, and her black apron was crusty and smeared with something white and pasty.

      The Light


      He stood in nothingness. Mired. It was an endless void… limbo… and somehow, he knew that. But he was also aware there was a defined path. A direction beckoned, like a pull on his cells, urging him, no, commanding him to obey. He wasn’t supposed to have a choice. He understood that too. Could he accept this new reality? Could he let go? He should be pleased the debilitating pain was gone, yet what it signified was worse, wasn’t it? Yes. His awareness grew, and fed his conviction. He’d be leaving something precious and irreplaceable behind if he took the fated course, the artery he could feel pulsing beneath his feet. Sight wasn’t needed here, though he still possessed functioning eyes, for he could see a light in the distance. It was a heavenly orb that flared gold on the outer edges. The center, though, was the purest white… a revelation that drew him. He had to look away. The power of that light, its beauty and its call, were too strong, too insistent. A siren? A promise? Another chance? He didn’t care. He wasn’t ready. Dammit. He needed time.

      2015 Winter Anthology Support Team


      Anthology Coordinator

      Renee Stevens


      Proof Team



      Johnathan Colourfield


      Anthology Banner Creation

      Mann Ramblings

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