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Prompt 816 and Prompt 817



Happy Valentine's Day. Will it be romantic or bloody? Let's look at the prompts and decide. 

Prompt 816 - Creative

Tag - Bloody Valentine.

Being single for Valentine's day sucks! However, you got a strange card saying you should be cherished, followed by one saying you took my heart, and then a box with a bloody heart in it and note. The note reads 'Yours is next.' What is going on?

Prompt 817 - Creative

Tag - List of Words

Use the following words in a story - a sandwich, an old movie, a glass of wine, a new blue shirt, and a crushed rose.

So will you take up either prompt to write? If you do please share it in the prompt forum. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Until next time, be safe. Enjoy your Valentine's Day.

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For 817, spur of the moment:

An old movie played in the background of the restaurant I was waiting for him in. I sipped on my glass of wine and looked at the door. Other patrons walked in and out, but he still had not shown. I went all out for this date, even buying a new blue shirt that made my eyes pop and hadn’t ate all day so I could enjoy this dinner with him.

After an hour of waiting and three glasses of wine, I ordered a sandwich to go. After I payed my bill I took my food and walked out. Unheeded on the floor was a crushed rose that fell from my lap, before my heel landed on it.

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