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May Classic Author Excerpt: All I Wanted by Viv



Did you catch Monday's blog featuring this month's Classic Author? Viv wrote a story of Halloween treats and troubles for teens that just can't be beat. Have you read it? Monday's reader comment was someone who enjoyed this story as a teen, who found it as their first and one of their favorite stories on the site. What do you think?




“What do you mean ‘sort it’?” Max asked.

“Well, like… put all the lollipops in that corner and all the gum in that corner over there, and the candy bars over here,” I gestured as I started separating the candy into various piles.

“Okay, but how come, Tay?” Max asked me as he reluctantly followed my lead, pushing pieces of candy in different directions.

“Because Max,” my mom started to say, “Taylor is… overly organized.”

“I am not,” I insisted. “I just like to know what I have and know where it’s at. Is there something wrong with that?”

“Not at all honey,” my mom answered as her hands gently squeezed my shoulders.

The doorbell rang, echoing through the house. “It’s pretty late for trick-or-treating,” my mom said out loud as she made her way toward the front door. “Do we even have any candy left to pass out Tay?” she asked as she swung the door open.

“Hi, is Taylor home?” Blake asked her as I momentarily freaked out; temporarily forgetting that he was coming to pick me up in the midst of all this candy sorting.

“Oh, yes, he is. Come on in Blake,” my mom said, and then Blake Madsen was standing in my living room seeing me and my compulsions with his own eyes.

“Dude, what are you doing?” he asked as he observed me in all of my freakishness.

“Umm… “ I paused, looking for a way to explain my oddities to one of the coolest guys in school, the one that was currently standing in my living room, waiting for me, to take me to hang out for the night with his friends. “Never mind. I just need to grab a jacket,” I told him.

“Okay, cool,” he agreed.

“But Tay! You said you’d help me!” Max insisted, pouting.

“Go on Taylor, I’ll finish up here,” my mom said. “I didn’t know you had plans tonight or I never would have let you get started with this. I’ll help you finish up Max,” she told him.

I ran up to my room and grabbed a sweatshirt and glanced at myself in the mirror before looking completely horrified at what I saw staring back at me. My hair was everywhere! I quickly ran into the bathroom to try and sort it out, and on my way into the bathroom, I was in such a frenzy, that I smashed my knee into the bathroom counter and yelled out in pain.

It didn’t take but a second for my mom to be right there next to me, wondering what happened and if I was okay. I really just needed to calm down and I might actually be fine I thought, as I rubbed my sore knee and then fixed my hair. Mom and I walked back downstairs only to find Blake helping Max sort his candy.

“So why are we sorting out like this again?” Blake asked Max who was trying really hard to look like he hadn’t just been crying.

“Because,” Max sniffled slightly, “Tay says we have to.”

Blake looked up at us as we entered the room again as he said, “Well, then I guess we should… I mean, Tay is the expert at candy sorting right?” He smiled in my direction as Max nodded.

My mom walked over and gently said, “ Maxxie, Tay and Blake are leaving now so say goodnight and then I’ll help you finish up here okay.”


Want to read more? Click here.

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This was the first story I ever read on Gay Authors, waaaay back in 2009. It still remains my all-time GA favorite. 

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