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June Classic Excerpt: Chasing the Shadows by KC



Woot! Wednesday! Excerpt day. I can't wait to share this exciting moment with you, because I think you want to read this story. You need to read this story. Did you catch Monday's blog featuring Chasing the Shadows by KC? Well if that didn't intrigue you, hopefully this will! 




He pressed the sharp point of his dagger against the tender flesh along the Vamp’s hard jaw line.

“Doesn’t feel so good, now, does it?” Shade growled against his ear and pressed the metal tip further into his flesh, bringing a thick drop of blood to the surface.

The tall men stood eye to eye. Garrett was shocked by Shade’s inky black eyes. They were so dark that he couldn’t tell where the iris ended and the pupil began.

Garrett shook his head, spilling chestnut-brown locks across his forehead. “Lucky for us, Night Stalker, we both heal really, really fast.”

Shade wasn’t going to let this cocky Vampire provoke him. He tucked his knife back into the sheath and pulled a pair of special handcuffs from his waistband. Shade cautiously twisted Garrett’s injured arm towards the center of his back. The Vampire hissed with pain.

“Garrett McQuinn, you have been sentenced by the Queen--” Shade was interrupted.

Surprise flashed through Garrett’s sexy brown eyes. “This is a mistake--” He gasped.

The Shadow Chaser brought up the cuffs just as Garrett leaped forward, breaking Shade’s grip on his arm. The Vamp whirled around and dashed towards the opening of the alleyway. Shade stumbled a few steps, before regaining his balance, and chasing after him.

Garrett reached the busy sidewalk just seconds before Shade, but apparently that was all the time he needed to vanish into the large crowd.


“Shit!” Shade shouted as he desperately looked from left to right and back left again, but his prisoner was nowhere to be found. Both of them stood over six feet tall and Shade could easily see overtop of most of the Humans still milling about the busy sidewalks. Garrett should have been easy to find in this crowd, but nope! Garrett was gone!

There wasn’t even evidence of which direction the Vamp had headed. There were no open pockets in the crowd, no spots where people had sidestepped around a tall, crazy Vampire fleeing into the night.

No one looked angry or upset that they had just been shoved out of Garrett’s way…he was just gone…vanished…poof!

Shade ran his fingers over his face, pushing back any hair that had slipped free from his long black ponytail, when his rage suddenly boiled over.


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Hey! Those words look familiar. It's been a long time since I've read this story! I might have to go back and re-read it.

Thanks for the Classic Feature.


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