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Things that make me go hmmmmm..



I guess my mind  works differently from a lot of people. Everyday I come across things that make me tilt my head like a German Shepherd and go hmmmm... 

(Or in many cases WTF?)

I don't  understand why people are wearing masks and gloves while driving alone in a car. Hmm....

I don't understand why when you answer your work phone 'Thank you for calling XYZ, how may I help you' and you hear "Is this XYZ?" Hmm...

I don't understand why you post notices all over the place that your office is CLOSED, please call with any issues and people still try to get in the locked door. Hmm....

I don't understand how kids can NOT see a note, taped on the cabinet where the dishes are, on bright yellow paper, asking to please sweep the floors. Hmm........(this is also related to my dishwasher rant in 'A Tattoo for Lex')

I don't understand why people think that it's ok to take advantage of a senior citizen in a nursing home by squatting in her home, trashing the place, dealing drugs, trafficing women, and somehow get a judge to issue a writ of possession allowing him to live in said trashed home [long story] Hmmm.....

Finally, I don't understand people who can't laugh at stupidly funny things like bathroom humor. 


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So I can agree with you on all points but the last one, I have nor will I ever get bathroom humour. I've been with my husband for over five years and have never even farted in front of him, though he has farted numerous times...and I mean numerous times...daily...something isn't right with that boy honestly...but still...I forgot where I was going with this response but...Hi



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