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Prompt 840 and Prompt 841



Another week has come and gone. Mother nature is confused, giving blistering heat and snow to opposite coasts. I won't even mention the other strange happenings. This year is moving on like a fevered Stephen King nightmare. To get your focus to something new, I proudly present your prompts.

Prompt 840 - Creative

Tag - List of words

Use the following in a story - a lunar eclipse, a flat tire. a statue of Zeus,  a bonfire, and a puppy.

Prompt 841 - Creative

Tag - Anubis

Growing up you liked to dress and act emo. At 18 you had an ankh tattooed on your hand. One night after a party you were attacked, only to be saved by a stunning man with enormous power and a jackal pendent around his neck. "You should be more careful," his deep voice captures your attention as he grips your hand and your tattoo suddenly glows. He smiles. "Don't worry, not time to judge you yet." Unsure what he means, you allow him to walk you home. He tells you his name is Anubis and his dark eyes glow. What happens next?

Do you find either prompt interesting? Might we have a new story from you? Here is hoping. 'Til next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe and well.

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Props for that adorable pupper.  

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I thought he was practicing for a Marching Band Drill Team :P 

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21 hours ago, CassieQ said:

Props for that adorable pupper.  

Can't help myself. Anubis and a corgi go together. Lol

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