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Guest Prompts #5 & #6

Renee Stevens


Happy Friday, y'all. Don't know how you all plan to spend your weekend, but if you plan on writing, maybe today's prompts can be a source of inspiration. Let's take a look at who gave us a couple of guest prompts for this week.


Prompt 5 - Creative    Brought to you by @Carlos Hazday

Love in the Time of a Pandemic

Relationships are hard and outside influences often make them even more difficult. Tell us about how a relationship flourishes or falters when the characters are forced into quarantine during a world-wide viral outbreak.


Prompt 6 - Word List   Brought to you by @aditus

Use the following words in a story.

red carnation, piano, gumboot, smoothie, a broken umbrella, muddy foot print


Hopefully today's prompts help motivate you to write. Make sure you link your prompts in the Prompt Forum. 

As Wayne always says, 'Until next time remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe and well.'

Lastly, if you want to get in on the fun, make sure you send a PM to @Renee Stevens or @wildone to share with us your prompt ideas!

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1 hour ago, northie said:

Trying to resist @Carlos Hazday's prompt. Trying very hard.  :pinch:  :lol:  *I'm going away now.*  Other things to write first. 

Somebody should use it, so it might as well be you.

Prompts for me have always been about quick flash pieces. Should be easy. Of course, a bunch of those little pieces lead to longer works and even a series, but that's icing on the cake. I'm not sure why younger/newer authors don't use them as frequently as in the past. They're a great way to gain exposure and hone writing skills.

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