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******* WARNING ******* Do not read if you are offended or triggered by references to suicide.


I know I am dreaming as I lay in this fog. Sounds fade in and out, echoing as I drift away to other places and lands.

I know also time is fleeting and there is very little future ahead of me. This I know to be true. Some truths are self-evident. This is one of those truths. We can deny it, pretend otherwise, wish, rail, scream and beg, but time does not wait. It marches forward and we can think we slow it, but that’s a fool’s errand.

Life. We say each is worth living. But is that a truth?

No. For many it is not. For too many, life is a slog, a drag to live in poverty and misery. Or if not, perhaps in the hell only mental illness can make. It can be a place of such horror and pain, suicide is a welcoming door.

That door has tempted me in the past and still does today. Doctors offer treatment in the form of pills and talk. Often it works for short periods. But lately … lately the pull of that door has become stronger. Lately, I’ve found my hand upon the doorknob. The desire to turn it and step over the threshold is strong and getting stronger.

I don’t feel this always. There are times when life is good. Where I see worth in the day and in others. There are projects to finish and to start.  But I wonder why?

Why do this? What does it matter? The sands of time will cover all and my time here will mean nothing. Sooner than later there will be nothing left of me and those who knew me will disappear also.

And yet we strive. I can only suppose it keeps us from thinking about what is to come.


While I appreciate you deciding to read this, but there is no need to comment on it.

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Everyday struggles touch each one of us. I've seen my own son with his hand on the same door knob that you speak of. I can only hope that both you and he will see that what lays beyond the door might not be the solution. 

@Reader1810 is right, you enrich our lives and thank you for that. I sincerely hope that both you and my son will never turn that door knob. 

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32 minutes ago, MichaelS36 said:

@Reader1810 @kbois @Parker Owens @chris191070

tim is working with his doctor. We were there today. This is very difficult and I am hoping that door will remain firmly closed for a long time.  Thank you for all your good wishes and thoughts. Thank you as well for your support and friendship. It means much to us both. 

Support and friendship: you both make that very easy to give.

Take care, Mike as you take care of tim. 

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      I wonder what they say about me when I'm not there. I wonder if they say anything at all.
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      I should have been there more.
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      It happened in the fifth lap. They don’t really know what caused the accident; can’t tell me the whys, only that it was an act of God.
      Do we blame God for everything bad that happens?
      I see it every day in my head; it was just after a right turn. The bike leaning, and Don’s right knee so close to the track. It was too close, wasn’t it? The physics were instantly wrong, so that massive machine slid out from under him, and Don becoming a ragdoll as he flipped repeatedly, bouncing off the guardrail and hay bales. The ambulance screamed its way over the park-like grass in the centre of the track.
      I wanted to go. I needed to go. But I was held in place, as Jed’s hands were on both my biceps while I tried to climb the barrier; his grip was like Don’s.
      Jed, the crew chief, had grabbed my face and turned it toward his. It was loud, so we all wore ear protectors, and I remember the shape of his mouth as he yelled at me; NO, NO, NO! He pulled me inside the small crew’s lounge. I fought him because this room was not where I was supposed to be. He pulled off our protectors and said, “No, Louis. We can’t help him. Let the paramedics sort him out.”
      “He’s my fucking husband!” I didn’t try to stop my tears.
      Jed pulled me close and held me in arms that felt so like Don’s, and he whispered, “I know. I know.”
      All I could do then was grab fistfuls of his overalls and sob.
      Jed drove me to the hospital. Terror was in my fingers during that ride and I dug them into my thighs and the padded door handle.
      Don was in surgery by the time Jed led me to the Emergency Room, where he remained for several hours. I called Don’s mother Rena, who lived in Calgary. I felt I needed a plunger to push down my feelings as I told her what had happened to her son. I knew she was crying as she said she would be here as soon as she could.
      That was nearly three weeks ago. Don has not woken up; he has not moved, he has not smiled or cried, or said: Baby I love you.
      Not for three weeks.
      I think I have no more tears, but today, with time passing me by, I sob.
      My ‘you’ve got a text’ ringtone roused me from my self-pity and daydreams. I picked up my phone, rolled onto my back and opened it:
      He’s awake
    • By asamvav111
      Colours of Love
      Paint the whole city blue and red,
      In Colours they come and in Colours they fade.
      My Colourman comes in a haunting snow,
      Pristine white when everything glow.
      He comes silently by my broken window,
      Softly sauntering like a sad old shadow.
      Glimpses by my broken window pane
      And lo what he sees, the old me again.
      Stuck in my bed in perpetual illness,
      Waiting in line for my turn with patience,
      Bereft of all but skin and bones,
      Sadist as always I am a sight to behold.
      Yet unlike most that come by my death-bed,
      I’ve failed so far to scare him to dread.
      He waits unerringly through the frozen night,
      And flees just as swiftly as the sun comes in sight.
      Yet he never utters a single word,
      Yet his eyes ever speak nothing but love.
      He colours the leaves and the petals and the pool,
      He colours distant meadows sheltered and cool,
      He colours my soul just as he colours the nature,
      As if I, too am an important creature.
      But, I know in spring when he’ll come by my window,
      The bed will be empty and I, one of those shadows.
      Then shall I be finally one with my love?
      Together we’ll colour the Heavens above.
      So here I ask you to do this small favour.
      Consider this as an affectionate endeavour.
      Please colour the city Blue and Red,
      So swiftly my lover finds my desolate bed.
      And we’ll bring colour to your life in dark shade,
      For in Colours they come and in Colours they fade!
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