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Weekly Wrap Up (Oct. 3 - Oct. 10)



Well Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends :D

Although I'm sure many people are wondering what Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas will look like this year, I'm sure we will all return to what is most important to us and celebrate that! You tell me what that is to you. :yes: 

So I do really want to take a moment out on this weeks wrap up to give a shout out to Carlos and all he does for the Ask An Author 2.0. He has a new one every month for Renee or me to share with everyone here. The thing is he does need some new questions. They can be serious, they can be deep, they can be fun :) Heck, Carlos, here is my question: As an author what do you prefer wearing when writing, boxers or briefs :gikkle: Yes, you would need to take in account our female authors too, so add in briefs, square cut briefs, panties, granny panties, thongs, G-string, etc.:o The point is, ask it and Carlos I imagine can work it in.

I also would be remiss in not calling everyone to helping out occasionally the GA Review Team. As Timothy M says, it is quiet easy and quick to do. If you like a story you just have read, be it a new author, an old author, an in between author, or poet, fire off a review and send to Timothy M or Renee. Here is a look at past reviews the team has done that you can use as an example. Pick them out as the Featured Story:

Well what about this week, what happened at the GA Blog?

Cia was in on Monday to try to spookify us with a CSR Feature for the month. Make sure to read up and check back in for the discussion day.

Then on Wednesday, Carlos was back with another grrrrrrreat addition of AAA 2.0.

Myr kept up his daily update of aborning a Word of the Day.

Lastly, to finalize off my input, here is the goals we achieved last week.



  • Suggest a prompt(s) - Recommend a few prompts to be feature on Prompt Friday! PM @Renee Stevens and/or @wildone with your ideas.


  • 2020 Fall Anthology - Shadows - Due by November 15th, 2020
  • 2020 Fall Anthology - Bridges - Due by November 15th, 2020
  • Anthology 101 - In the Anthology Forum. Everything you need to know about GA Anthologies

Blog Opportunities

Premium Updates:

On Fire by Cia *Premium*

Classic Updates:

The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 4 by Bill W

Signature Updates:

Ancalagon by Cia

Disasters, Delights and Other Detours by Parker Owens

Double Concerto by Parker Owens

GFD: Divine Right by Comicality

GFD: Sins Of The Father by Comicality

On The Outside by Comicality

Phases of Moon by Mann Ramblings

Sidewinder by Headstall


Don't forget.... Read, Write, and REVIEW!!!

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There's a full coffee mug with my nephews' picture on it by my right hand. I always have to turn it, so they can't see their uncle nekkid writing stories. Y'all forget I live in South Florida; it's too warm to wear much. :P

Thanks for the assist, Steve :heart:


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Yes, you would need to take in account our female authors too, so add in briefs, square cut briefs, panties, granny panties, thongs, G-string, etc.:o:



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Shame on you Steven, a lady doesn't divulge such things. Tsk tsk tsk.

As far as what we're doing for the holidays, I can assume there will not be Trick-o-treating, it is rather up in the air right now, so I doubt even "trunk-o-treating' will be a thing. So I was thinking just doing a sort of nighttime easter egg hunt with the kiddies. I've ordered some little LED lights that you can pull a tab and light up, I'll put them in things with candy and have the kids hunt them at night by following the light. For Thanksgiving, small gathering with just people we interact with every day. My sisters admittedly are coming in, but the aunts, uncles, and such aren't coming in this year. I'll be so glad when they're finally moved back to town completely, living in different states this year has sucked. Christmas will be a bit difficult since I'll be mailing or ordering presents and sending them to people, but otherwise it will be the same as Thanksgiving and getting together within the, "bubble," so to speak. :P

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1 hour ago, Krista said:

Shame on you Steven, a lady doesn't divulge such things. Tsk tsk tsk.

Come on, admit it!! Granny panties it is :D :rofl:  :lol:  :lmao:  :gikkle: 



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22 hours ago, wildone said:

Come on, admit it!! Granny panties it is :D :rofl:  :lol:  :lmao:  :gikkle: 



Get to steppin' Rose Garden, now! Grab the shovel on the way. 

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