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Guest Prompts #14 & #15

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What is that???

Why is there Guest Prompts again??

Well thanks to an upstanding gentleman (@Tom ) and a schmuck (@wildone) :gikkle: So lets see what is up for grabs this week!

Still looking for some more :) 


Prompt #14 - Creative   Brought to you by @Tom

6 men, one habitation unit, ten matter converters (only one assembled).

Setting: First days of the first colony on the moon

Suggested Complication: Two female androids programed strictly for child care, and 10,000 cryogenics pods with 5 fetuses in each.



Prompt #15 - Creative   Brought to you by @wildone

Game 7 of the World Series.

It is the bottom of 9th. Bases are loaded. You are down by 1, needing 1 in to tie, 2 to win. Your team has two outs already. You're sitting at full count; 3 balls, 2 strikes. Your team is the visitors and there is 45,000 screaming, jeering, rabid fans yelling at you, never mind the other team's dugout.

The pitcher looks around the bases, all 3 runners have a healthy lead off their bases. Not enough though to risk getting a quick out. Also, an error would let 1 possibly 2  of the runners into home. Not worth it.

After confirming the call from the back catcher, he winds up and releases the ball and it is coming at you over 100 mph. You start your swing and ...

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It was me...It had to be.  I kinda meant '1 five week old fetus in each of the cryogenics pods

But, Hey, you can stuff 5 kids in one pod if you want🤪




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3 hours ago, Slytherin said:


The End :funny:


I was going to add,  No saying.. You swing your bat and miss, Strike 3, your out. The End.

But I thought no one would do that :P 

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