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Featured Story: How I Accidentally Slept With My...



Monday, bloody Monday...

Okay, just me whining :P But what got me looking forward to today is this great review by @aditus from the Review Team!




How I Accidentally Slept With My...
by Ethan

Reviewer: Aditus
Status: Complete
Word Count: 29,049

Are you trying to come up with who my... is? I did, and with all the possibilities going around in my mind, I had to know.

I’m tempted to begin with a classic first line: Two guys meet at a bar, hook up— Well, actually the story starts with two guys in bed, having tons of fun. After the deed is done, one of the guys (James/Jamie) notices a tattoo of a heartline, a scar, and the number 17 on the other guy’s (Cameron) shoulder.

The ‘17’ makes him think of a nickname he once had, and the story of the scar reminds him of someone he once knew. When Cameron is in the shower, James checks his wallet, and we learn my... is Cameron. But who is Cameron? James's first reaction to his hook-up’s name is to wash his sheets three times. And here the story becomes a page-turner.

It turns out James and Cameron come from the same town. To ease the rising tension between the students of the public high school and the private school, the schools invented an anonymous pen pal project. The boys immediately hit it off; they even continue writing letters to each other after the project runs out and meet in person. There is a kiss and some feelings—and then it ends. And both have a perfectly plausible explanation of why it wasn’t their fault.

What I liked was the constant anticipation, the plethora of sensations I went through while reading, the getting-to-know you banter before the hook-up, James's inner monologues, the sex scene, and the story idea. What I didn’t like was the abrupt ending, but, hey! others totally liked it.

Read the story, tell me I’m wrong about the ending, and how you completed my.... !

Category: Fiction  Genres: Drama, Romance, Mystery  Tags: young adult, gay, university, casual, coming of age, coming out, love, friendship  Rating: Mature


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Thanks @aditus for taking the time to write this review -- I really appreciate it! 

I think I'm probably the only person who feels the ending works. Perhaps one day I'll go back and add more ... I just need to find that spark of inspiration again. 

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