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Immortals Fenyx Rising - Impressions



I finally sat down and played Immortals - Fenyx Rising today. It's on sale digitally and on various sites. I put links to Amazon USA below (they are affiliate links, Gay Authors gets a small cut if you order the game from the link)

This game has a nice gameplay loop.  The narrators are entertaining and the world is very colorful and beautiful. I am playing on Xbox Series X and the game plays great and I have not encountered any bugs so far.  (Unlike all the other games out at the moment...)

This game is was clearly inspired by Zelda Breath of the Wild.  If you play it, let me know what you think.  I'll post more on it later.


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Oddly enough, this is a game I keep coming back to.  Unfortunately, while it does have a fun gameplay loop, it has just a bit too much stuff that can get grindy and annoying.  I really hate timed event challenges and it has a fair few.

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I finally beat the main game and have all the achievements.  I've started the DLC, of which there are 3.

Unfortunately, DLC 1, the New God, takes the worst parts of the main game and focuses on them completely.  To me at least.  I hate timed things a LOT.  Especially timed things where if you mess up, you fall to your death and have to start again.  The main game had a fair few of those, but the worst of them were optional.

Not so with DLC 1.  DLC 1 is focused totally on that crap.  *sighs*


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