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Happy New Year 2021: Member Contest Here!



Members, we have a New Year's prize for you! Will you win?

Did you catch our Thank You and Happy New Year message? We want to thank you for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts with GA's authors, writing nearly 50,000 story and chapter comments and hundreds of story reviews! 

Word art that says Wow

What can you win?

  • Prize 1: 3 months free Premium membership
  • Prize 2: 1 month free Premium membership

How can you enter to win? It's simple! Just do BOTH of the items below: 

  • Follow the GA News Blog (Click on the follow button in the blog banner above the post if you don't already follow it)
  • Respond to this blog post. A couple of ideas on what you should comment on could be: What was your favorite story you commented or reviewed on in 2020? What stories do you hope to read in 2021? Do you have thoughts on new goals? 

How will winners be selected? 

  • All GA News Blog followers who also comment on this blog will have their names entered in a random.org drawing.
  • 2 winners will be selected and shared on Sunday, January 9th. 
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Happy New Year to Everyone! The Staff of GA, all the Wonderful Authors the bring us so much pleasure. And to all the others that are just readers like me. I hope everyone has a prosperous and healthy New Year! 

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Happy New Year to all at GA. 2020 has been a difficult year for all of authors. Some lost the will to write, others managed to stumble on and there were a few authors who were inspired by the pandemic to turn there hand at writing. Throughout 2020 we have had some fantastic new stories. Some established authors with continuing stories, others who have provided great new stories that are on-going.

It would be very difficult to pick out a favourite author or story as I've reviewed some fantastic reads throughout the year, with some fantastic stories due to finish this year.

For 2021 I'd like to see more fantastic stories from our great authors here at GA and hope those that lost there muse in 2020, rediscover it and we get some great stories.

May 2021 be a year of continuous success for all authors and members of GA.

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Thank you for providing endless quality escapism during a trying year.

May the site and its authors continue to uplift us throughout 2021.

My favorite stories were all of the ones by Carlos Hazday, the CAP stories (I binged on the whole series), Mawgrim's "Gone Away, Gone Ahead," all of CJ Love's stories, and lilansui's "The Reluctant Consort."

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My sanity thanks you! What a year..  To choose a favorite story is a lot to ask.   "Love Again"  By Laura S. Fox is my #1...being froced to choose...😃

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Happy New Year - here's to a brighter 2021!

Currently reading/following stories by Mark Arbour (Northern Exposure and Gap Year) and really enjoying Famous Last by lomax61.

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Well thank the stars tat 2020 is now dead and buried!! I won't wish for things to go back to "normal"because "normal"has changed dramatically in the last 12 months or so.  I do hope that we will learn from this and go forward in a more cautious and safe manner, remembering to think of others as well as ourselves.  May all good things come to those that deserve them.

I do hope that we will see some great stories on here this year. My favorites are anything by Mark Arbour or Quokka, but would love to see some new authors giving it a go. Unfortunately, I cannot write a story, but I do enjoy reading them. I would also like to see more premium stories this year.

On that note, I hope you all have a very happy and prosperous 2021.

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This is an excellent way to both inspire the readers and to reward faithful followers.  I love it.

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So for me 2020 was about reading to escape and GA is one of my favorite ways and places to do that.  There were so many good reads wolf m continuing his series with the alpha.  Having sasha distan return and then giving us this fabulous fan fiction has been epic.  Tied up in knott's was also a great focus point to get away and read.  So many reads and I have to thank you and the authors for them all and maintaining my sanity through them.  Thank you again and I can't wait for another year of reading and community.



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So much to enjoy on this site.

Anything written by Mark Arbour is a great way to pass the loneliness of shielding.

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I love this site. It helped us to get through the trying times this past year. Thank you and happy new year!

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  • Site Administrator
On 1/1/2021 at 9:21 AM, Sweetlion said:

Hey Happy New Year! I hope I'm following the correct blog, it's the Gay Authors one right?

I love so many different authors and stories here, but favorite is probably the Bridgemont series. 

Yes, the one this blog post is posted in. :)

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my dinner of shepherd's pie with chopped up leg of lamb carrots, onion, thyme, worcestershire sauce, red wine and mashies on top was a disaster tonight, but my boyfriend gobbled it down so I'm grateful to him. Thank you BF

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  • Site Administrator


Prize 1: 3 months free Premium membership: @Badnews35

Prize 2: 1 month free Premium membership:  @dez421

Congratulations! Your Premium memberships will be added to your account. 

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