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Anthology Entry Revisited: Accused

Renee Stevens


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Due: April 1, 2021

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There's your list of themes!  You can check out the full list of rules and guidelines in the anthology forum, but take a look at this entry from last year!


Author: @Valkyrie
Theme: The Storm

Patrick is accused of a heinous crime, which threatens to destroy his career and entire life, whether he's guilty or not.


Reader Comments:

Carlos Hazday: I liked the way you painted the picture with wide brush strokes. This is proof a good story doesn't have to ramble on.

GanymedeRex: Great job doing this whole thing in one chapter.  It was riveting.  I'm glad for the positive resolution - too many in his situation were just destroyed.

Geron Kees: Good story on a difficult subject, well presented, and with sympathy. 

  • Love 4


Recommended Comments

I just reread this excellent story. I recommend readers give it a few minutes of their time. :) 

  • Love 2
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