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Pure Torture



Ok I must be really stupid or something. :wacko:


Have you ever bought something for someone, only you want to open it up really, really bad? I


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Well you could just go ahead an open it and watch it then give it to them hoping they don't mind (I think most people would understand), or you could say you were just trying to save them the hassle of getting all that sticky plastic tape off of it (that stuff drives me crazy! It's like, "I wanna watch my new move, NOW, but the stupid thing won't open and I'm just going to mess up the case if I rip it open! :angry: ).


Here's another option. Go buy yourself a copy now and save the receipt. THEN if you do get another copy for your birthday you can return the new, unwrapped copy using the other receipt ;) . It's still like the other person gave it to you anyway since in the end they'll be the one to end up paying for it! AND if you DON'T get a copy of it for your birthday, you'll definitely be glad you did :)


LOL I definitely know what you're talking about though! I got a friend of mine this cool looking game for Christmas, then I didn't see said friend for several weeks AFTER Christmas; it took alot of will-power not to open the game and play it!


Anyway good luck!


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