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Picayune - Word of the Day - Tue Apr 13, 2021




Picayune - (adjective) - of little value: paltry; also: petty, small-minded

Petty GIF by AnimatedText


I once had a picayune boss that gave out even more picayune raises.


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From etymonline.com:

picayune (n.)

1804, "coin of small value," in early use the Spanish half-real, a coin circulating in Louisiana, Florida, and adjacent regions, worth about 6 cents, later a 5 cent piece; probably from Louisiana French picaillon "coin worth 5 cents," earlier the French name of an old copper coin of Savoy (1750), from Provençal picaioun "small copper coin," from picaio "money," a word of uncertain origin. Adjectival figurative sense of "paltry, mean" recorded from 1813.

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