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My Daily Bread Crumbs 21 Jan



January 21st 2022 - Holidays and Observances


(click on the day for details)


Observances (click on the day or week for details)

National Hugging Day

International Playdate Day

International Sweatpants Day

National Granola Bar Day

National Cheesy Socks Day

One-Liners Day

Own Your Own Home Day

Playdate Day


Fun Observances 

 Squirrel Appreciation Day

January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day, a day to acknowledge the role that squirrels play in nature and the environment.

Red squirrel in the forest.

It is an unofficial holiday started by North Carolina wildlife rehabilitator Christy McKeown in 2001, as a way to encourage people to put out seeds and nuts for these cute rodents.

Almost Everywhere

Squirrels are found almost everywhere on Earth. They are native to Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and have been introduced to Australia.

In North America, the western and eastern grey squirrels are very common. In Europe, the red squirrel is more common, but its numbers in Great Britain and Ireland are decreasing. The decrease in the red squirrel population is linked to the introduction of the eastern grey squirrel from North America.

Found in Different Sizes

Squirrels can range anywhere from a few inches to a few feet long. The smallest known squirrel species, the African pygmy squirrel, are on average only about 3 inches (7.62 centimeters) long. The largest squirrels, the Indian giant squirrel, can be as long as is 3 feet (1 meter).

A Scurry of Squirrels

A group of squirrels is called a dray or a scurry, though the term dray or drey usually refers to a squirrel nest.

How to Celebrate?

  • Leave out food in your yard for squirrels, but make sure you research what is considered nutritious food for squirrels.
  • Learn more about squirrels by watching documentaries on the rodents, visiting your local natural history museum or by just observing the squirrels in your yard.
  • Change your desktop and social media profile pictures to an image of a squirrel.

Did You Know…

…that their front teeth grow at the rate of six inches per year?



Whoever said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results has obviously never had to reboot a computer.


Autocorrect can go straight to he’ll.


Q. What is the biggest lie in the entire universe?

A. "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions."


Matt: Hey Dr. Park, this is Matt from the Vascular lab. I have an outpatient here with an external iliac occlusion with cold foot pin and numbness that started 3 days ago. What should I do with her?

Hannah: Hi, this is Hannah. I think you have the wrong number, but I Googled it and I’m pretty sure u need to put a stent in her left radial artery. Best of luck, Matt!

Matt: Sorry, wrong number Hannah. She ended up actually getting a stent. Took about 3 hours longer for trained medical professionals to figure out what took you 3 minutes.

Hannah: Yoooo, yall hiring?


Daughter: Dad there’s a moth on the outside of the bathroom door. Can you get rid of it?

Daughter: Please hurry because I’m going to cry.

Daughter: Dad…

Daughter: Dad…

Dad: Dad is dead. You’re next. Love, Moth


I was in a couple’s home trying to fix their Internet connection. 
The husband called out to his wife 
in the other room for the computer password.

“Start with a capital S, then 123,” she shouted back.

We tried S123 several times, but 
it didn’t work. So we called the wife in.

As she input the password, she muttered, “I really don’t know what’s so difficult about typing Start123.




























This contains an image of: The turtles know how to get past the law - Funny









Lightning kills an entire football team | The Independent | The Independent









Coffin birth - Wikipedia






























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