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Gotham Knights




Gotham Knights has launched.  I'm still forming my thoughts on this one.  Once again, another company has taken a game genre that is action/adventure and turned it into a "Games as a service" grind fest that is more about keeping you locked in the game and not doing other things.  Assassin's Creed went this route, killing off the franchise back when they released the last Assassin's Creed game, Syndicate. They created a new franchise of grindy RPG's and slapped "Assassin's Creed" on the cover, despite only a superficial resembles to the fun games they made previously. (Hence AC: Origins, AC: Odyssey and AC: Valhalla longer longer grindfest with no Assassins or 'power fantasy because you're a bad ass' in sight.  Or so many hours into a grind that I never got to it)

Playing the Batman Arkham games and then playing Gotham Knights will give you that exact feeling of doom, if you liked the older play style.

So Gotham Knights... I have played as Robin and Red Hood so far.  I'm queued up to play Nightwing next time I leave the belfry.  Despite the trailers, the game lacks a glide mechanism even hours into the game.  Apparently there is a way to get it, but it is grindy and not obvious at all without watching how to videos.

The story is engaging enough.  But the enemies are repetitive and damage sponges so that have to grind to power up. 

I am playing on an Xbox Series X.  I'm not noticing any issues with it beyond some frustrating controls and too much RPG in a game that should be more actiony.

I do like the investigation stuff, at least on a surface level.


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