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Overwhelmingly Happy! (great weekend)



YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances around in underwear to very up beat tunes, then realizes that people are watching*


I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! after three disappointing weekends of depression and dissapointment, i finally got what i derserve (maybe?) something good happened to me. I ACTUALLY HAD PLANS BOTH FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So friday night we had a birthday party for my youth group leader which you already know. But anyway saturday i went and got my hair cut, and it is awesome, it is very rock, kinda like pete wentz (fall out boy) meets guy from the all-american rejects. IT IS HOTT!!! anyway i love it. Later that night after i got finished weed eating trav came up... i was really worried that he wasn;t going to get to cause i called his house at five and his dad said that he was helping him work that trav would have to call me back later, and so i figured he wouldn't gonna get to come up. But he called me back and came up around 6:30 and we had an awesome time... probably the best time that we have had together since the first time he spent the night with me... i think it is because we are both really open with each other after our big talk this week. My mom made chicken lasangia (i think that is how you spell it) and then after words me and him made gorrila bread (again orgasm bread, read past posts to get a better detail) and we had some much fun because he is so naive in a kitchen. When we were squishing out the bisquit dough he would keep laughing cause it felt so weird. But we had a killer time. We then went up stairs and wrestled while listening to music. At ten we watched an old episode of saturday night live that came on E! and then we wrestled again untill the knew episode came on. After that went off, we got his mp3 player (which is just like mine but only black) and d/l'ed some music and i put a bunch of stuff on there for him. We then went back to my room and i fell asleep around 1 and he said that he made it to 1:30.


So anyway today, his mom and dad let him stay around alot later than usual because they hadn't let him come up in a while cause they had been busy, so we went out side (shirtless might i add :devil: ) and played cards and had a sword fight with the big pool noodle thingys that i got out from the garage. It was awesome! we then proceeded to go up to my room and watched super troopers. it was so much fun!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!


This weekend proved to me that even though we will never be together that i shouldn't let my more than friendly feelings for him cause me not to be his friend, that it should make me want to be his friend more and treat him the best ways possible. Might i add that he treated me so much better, and he told me that i was his best friend at least 3 times, which he promised to due more often, and i held up to my end of the deal and told him that he was my best friend too...


So any i have fun plans for this coming weekend too which is the last weekend before school lets out... i will tell you all them later.


YAY!!! After tomorrow i may be able to take my self places, because i am getting to try for my liecense! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so excited, i really hope that my parallel parking don't jack me up. That will make me depressed if i do. BUT OH WELL!!!! my testing is over and while the other students test for the next three days all of the sophomores get to go to the gym to do what ever they want to do, play ball, play cards, and just a bunch of other stuff... YAY!!! BTW we are opening my pool the weekend after next and i am so excited... YAY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks to everyone that has taken interest in my life by reading my blog and an even bigger thanks to the people who have put their opinions in on my life... they are a great help!!! keep on telling me what to do you guys... you all know what is right and i love you all for that!


Song for the Blog: My Humps - Black Eyed Peas


(because you love my lovely man bump)


later ~ nick :read:


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So erm ... where did you get the happiness pills? Chortle :)


Good luck with the driving test.


Camy B)

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I am happy for you- I remember what it's like to be in love- I've given up for myself, but it's good to see somebody else that is happy- tell us more about your time with Trav if you want to- it sounds very high-charged - see- we were right to give him another chance- love is real (at least for others)





(btw, it's "lasagna") :boy:

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