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I really don't know what to think...



You know, I was coming online on Saturday to write about my life and how things have been going really out of control, when all of a sudden, I get this text message from Vivian. I smiled when I saw the texted but the smile faded quickly once I neared what the cause of her desire to send me a text.


I didn


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Guest Kitty


Me, too. Because we're online, you feel like there's just so little you can do.




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:( Worried now!! and you can't stop it! :(


Thanks for thinking of me though and hiring Eric to Viv sit... You better be letting me know you're okay and soon before I come and find out for myself! :wub:


:hug: Vivian

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I don't follow many of the blogs very closely. Sometimes I'll read some entries that get me interested enough to follow events or ideas in someone's blog for a while.


I had read Green's blog about the time that Julio left, but had not read enough before that to place the main people in his life, and so didn't really follow the blog much after that.


Tonight I went back and have been reading each entry in order from the first. I've made it into January so far. The writing is really compelling and the events and people are interesting to follow, as he told it all. The dream in the December 14 entry really hit me, particularly the way he reported it.


The blog has a sweep and flow to it that make it more like a coherent story than a collection of blog entries would normally tend to be. I'm about to go back and finish reading, maybe before bed tonight. I hope the blog will be left up for people to follow in this way, or if not, maybe collected in some form, chronoligical instead of the reverse chronology of a blog.

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