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MDBCs 01 Jan 2023




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January 1st 2023 - Holidays and Observances


(click on the day for details)


Observances (click on the day or week for details)

Apple Gifting Day

Bonza Bottler Day

Commitment Day

Copyright Law Day

Ellis Island Day

Mummer's Parade

National First-Foot Day

National Hangover Day

National Shepherd Day

New Year’s Dishonor List Day

Ring a Bell Day

Rose Bowl Game

Universal Hour of Peace

Z Day


Morris Chestnut’s Birthday

Poppy’s Birthday

George Washington Carver’s Birthday


Observances (click on the month for details)


Dry January


Veganuary Month

International Brainteaser Month

National Clean Up Your Computer Month

Celebration Of Life Month

National Oatmeal Month

National Soup Month

Get A Balanced Life Month

Get Organized Month

International Creativity Month

National Be Kind To Food Servers Month

National Hot Tea Month

National Hobby Month


Fun Observances

Polar Bear Plunge Day

Also known as Polar Plunge, Polar Bear Swim Day, New Year's Dive, Loony Dook

Start off the year with an act of daredevilry. Celebrate Polar Plunge Day on January 1 by taking a dip in the cold, freezing waters of your local lake, river or pond.


The Polar Bear Plunge, where participants jump into a cold water body, is an activity usually held in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a popular New Year’s Day tradition in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Netherlands. In these countries, many people organize and participate in a Polar Bear Plunge for charity.

Too cold? Celebrate Swim a Lap Day in June instead.

How to Celebrate?

  • If you are brave enough to participate, find a pond, lake, the sea or just fill up your bath with freezing cold water and take a plunge.
  • Support someone who is participating in a Polar Bear Plunge for charity.
  • In the Southern Hemisphere? Then you probably want to celebrate Polar Bear Plunge Day every day until the summer is over.

Did You Know…

… that polar bears have 2 layers of fur and are insulated from the cold with 4 inches (10 cm) of blubber?






Two dog owners are arguing about whose pet is smarter.

“My dog is so smart,” says the first owner, “that every morning he goes to the store and buys me a sesame seed bagel with chive cream cheese, stops off at Starbucks and picks me up a mocha latte, and then comes home and turns on ESPN, all before I get out of bed.”

“I know,” says the second owner.

“How do you know?” the first demands.

“My dog told me.”




A woman called our airline 
customer-service desk asking if she could take her dog on board.

“Sure,” I said, “as long as you provide your own kennel.” I further explained that the kennel needed to be large enough for the dog to stand up, sit down, turn around, and roll over.

The customer was flummoxed: 
“I’ll never be able to teach him all of that by tomorrow!”




I’m a dog trainer. Before I met with a new client, I had her fill out a questionnaire.

One question asked, “Why did you choose this breed?”

My client responded, “I often ask myself this very same question.”




A cat is making a declaration of love to his beloved.

"I'd die for you!" he tells her.

She looks back at him skeptically and replies,

"Oh yeah? How many times?"


































































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