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Love Wanted: Please Leave Resume On Front Desk



Today was a good day.... i loved today... we had fun in all of my classes since we are back on regular schedule... But though today was good... i have had the thought in the back of my mind that i need someone. I guess it is just the usual itch that i get about once a year... i mean i know that i say that i want trav... but i know that it will never happen and it is totally different. I want a boyfriend... someone to love and... be loved in return.


I dont know... i never feel this way... and i am not depressed about it or nothing... it is just a thought and i guess a feeling that is floating around in my heart and on my mind. I just want some to want me... to know that i am the person that some one falls asleep thinking about... and smiles when they see me. I want that so bad. I know in relationships there are bad things... i have came to accept that. But its the good things that make it worth the trouble of even being in a relationship. Plus who knows i might want the bad... someone to have the bad with is better than not having anyone at all... am i right?


But oh well... that is me just getting that out there... i am never really the one to set around and go "i need a boyfriend!" because i find people that do that aggrivating... like when brandi does it. She is one of the those girls that when she is single she is complaining about it. She will always go "God! I need a boyfriend!!!" and i just shake my head at her and ask her why and i never get an answer. I dont need a boyfriend i just want one. Again... this is just something that rarely happens...


On a much happier note... IT'S BRITTANYS 16TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my bitches is finnally up here with me in the big 16 department... she has had a really good birthday and we are gonna go out this weekend to celebrate!!!!


And all i can say... is it right for a 16 year old guy to play with him self openingly in the boys bathroom at school... i mean he is not s"top eating the paste" special or anything like that... he is just very comfortable in who he is... i found it funny and very hott but that was just me.


Anyway... thanks for the replies and for the people that read... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Song for the Blog: Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer


(cause i want my first kiss to be beneath the milky twilight)


later ~ nick :read:


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