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Well, there was no yoga or porridge this morning, since I stayed in bed til gone noon, I decided that I'd just skip breakfast and have lunch, but I've still not had that yet, lol. Mainly because I'm waiting for seb to get back from where ever he's gone. He said he was going out to get a paper, but that was close to an hour ago and we only live 2 minutes from the paper shop. I text him to check he'd not been hit by a car or anything, and all I got in reply to 'Are you ok?' was 'Yup'. To steal a line from Jules, HMMMM. Something is up, and I hope it's him buying me a puppy :DSo, I took my valium again last night, I'm really not liking it. I mean, it relaxes my jaw some that's true, but I still wake up with jaw ache. And to make things worse, last night it made me really teary. I went to bed not too long after taking it, and as soon as I lay down I felt really close to tears for some reason, so I woke seb up and promptly burst into tears...Seb was totally great about it, just hugged me while I was crying, but I felt pretty dumb, I mean, there was nothing wrong, I didn't feel upset about anything, but there I was sobbing :angry: I don't know if I'm going to carry on taking them, I can't take crying every night for no reason, no matter how comforting it is to be all wrapped up in Seb.Well, Seb's still not back and I need to take a shower and get ready for work.Take care, and have fun!Ben


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Obviously bursting into tears for no obvious reason is an undesireable side effect. Obvious a drug developed as a muscle relaxant and marketed as an anti-anxiety medication shouldn't be doing that. Talk to your doctor, see a jaw specialist, a properly fit jaw splint may help more than any drugs will


:king: Snow Dog


Edit: Oh, and I think everyone deserves a puppy as a present (even if it is a little rat sized thing)

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Ben, maybe you should lay off those pills. I mean there not supposed to mess with your emotions. Go back and see the Doc and tell him/her to look into your case again.

Where was Seb and did you get your puppy. Oooh its so exiting what did he get for you... :)

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Its so sweet what Seb :wub: did for you.


All I can say is awwww


I'll let You put up what he did.


Julian Alexander


PS I wont sue you for taking my "HMM" :lol:

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So I was looking up side effects of Valium, and I noticed this entry in the list of dosage forms:


* Rectal Diazepam

o Rectal gel :blink:



It made me wonder, is that a water based gel? It could add a whole new dimension to "relax, I'll go slow"


:king: Snow Dog

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