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Sleep? Hahahahah. Who needs sleep? Dear God, AP Exams, Community Service, and the Spring Musical should not all occur in the same week. I didn't even attend classes today! Perhaps I should start somewhere earlier... like the beginning.


So, our school is doing a production of the Sound of Music. Our Director is a former professional actress who believes in perfection... and slavedriving. She decided that we were going to run through the entire production every night this week (we open tomorrow, Thursday). Tuesday nights rehearsal dragged on until 11:30. That wouldn't have been so bad, except I'd had a very full day not having stopped since I woke up at 6:30 and I'd been running on six hours of sleep. Then, a friend of mine (the only guy to ever kiss me. Hurrah for Truth or Dare. Boo for it having been four years ago) was abandoned by his ride so he ended up spending the night. We got home at around 12ish, and didn't get to sleep until 12:30. This is the night before the AP Calculus exam for both of us.


I wake up early so I can take a shower, drag myself out of bed and get dressed. We decided to wear matching clothes (his idea, not mine) and head off to school for an exam that I know I don't stand a hope of passing. I gave up. Some poor AP Grader is going to get the poem "Jabberwocky" by Carrol as a response to a question asking about instantaneous acceleration of rockets. After the bloody massacre was over I decided to walk to the grocery store with my Thai friend (because I have nothing better to do... like sleep) so we can get flowers for a chemistry experiment he's doing. I make it back to my house just in time to grab a really quick lunch and then head straight over to the "Retirement Community" for my community service.


Directly after that, it's time for rehearsal and I'm stumbling around I'm so tired. I get to drag things hither and thither nonetheless, manage props and move the sets about. I also get to experience a fun moment where the friend who stayed the night decides to sit on my lap. In his "sailor uniform" which I'm pretty sure I've seen in a gay porn video somewhere. The shorts are disturbingly short. He starts patting my head, so I rub his stomach and then he gets up and I do other things. Like help him change into Lederhosen.


Damn the straight guys.


Oh, yeah, tomorrow is the AP English Exam, and our first Performance. I'm excited! And exhausted...




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'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves

Did gire and gimble in the wabe

All mimsy were the boregroves

And the mome raths outgrabe

(note that it was from memory, not Google so forgive format, spelling and punctuation)


A suitable answer to any question involving rockets ... stupid F=ma ... should be F = dP/dt


:king: Snow Dog


P.S. Shadows, you are my favorite person of the day, hell maybe the week ... I was looking through my Feynman Lectures to include a trite simple formula using Lagrangian mechanics to supplant the F=dP/dt and found one of my treasures in tucked inside ... ahh the next blog entry.


Break a leg

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Lol, poor shadows, there is a lot of straight boys that don't seem to mind acting gay lately. Its very confusing... :D

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Break a leg, and good luck on any other AP exams you might have.


One of my friends freaked out while taking an AP test; I think the Art History test. Instead of writing the response, she began to draw a picture.


I'm positive the reader will be fairly amused at the Jaberwocky poem. So much better than a balistics question anyways.

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