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Busy, Busy, Busy!



Gosh this last week of school has been hectic... we have had assembly after assembly. And it has been totally boring. Trav hasn't been to school all week, his grandpa died. Tuesday night was the wake and he seemed to be alright... but he was really happy that i went... he kept telling me how happy he was to see me. And his mom was doing much better, seeing how it was her father that passed away.


I got my license monday... and friday was the last day of school...... so yeah... Schools out for the summer!!! i dont know if it will be fun or not... if today was a preview of things to come... then it is going to be too damn long... and soooooooo boring. I didnt nothing today and talked to know one cause they have lives and go places.


I haven't talked to trav since wednesday night... his family has been staying with him... the family that came in from ohio... he told me he would call me when they left... I tried calling him tonight but all i got was the answering machine.


But monday i have made plans to stop by the school and do something for stlp... which is finishing up our website for the year... and possibly get my year book if they are in... then i am gonna stop by travs house... even if i haven't talked to him by then... and see if he wants to come to my house. Then we are gonna go to brittany's house and hang out. So yeah... i hope everything goes according to plan.


Anyway... i have had to do laundry all day today seeing how i get to leave for washington d.c. on wednesday night... so that means tuesday night i will have to pack everything up... i hate packing...


Anyway this is a very rambling entry i just dropped by to tell everyone my week in a nut shell... i did have a really long and more discriptive blog written last night but mom came in and i freaked and x'ed out of the window before posting... so yeah it sucked i got really mad.


So yeah... i hope everyone has had a good week... this is my first entry for may.... yay may!


Song for the Blog: Temperature - Sean Paul


(cause boy... i wanna be the papa and you be the... uh... papa too!)


later ~ nick :read:


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