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Blah Blah Blahhhhhh



IM COMPLETELY OVER ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :2thumbs:




well yes yes its true :D hehe WeLL Me and her girlfriend had a some what of the drama going on because i wanted to be with ashley and she was with her but oh well.. yesterday i decied to say F*** the drama and i ended it .. so she agreed . We arent what you call "friends" but we dont have problems just respect .. not that i want to be friends with her anywaysz .. SO i signed on to my myspace and i had new friend requests .. guess who added me KENDALL (ashleys girlfriend) .. HOW FUNNY IS THAT i was laughing so hard because she was the one that wanted to fight me and all that stuff.. haha


so i've come to relize that friends arent always true friends. How do you know someone is true? GOOD QUESTION cuz i always seem to get ethier backstabbed or all my friends just leave. SO i some how put up this "wall" and keep everything to myself b/c i dont trust many ppl anymore so i guess me doing that just makes me extremely quiet now a days..dont like to talk to many ppl cuz im afraid im gonna just blurt everything out .. but one of these days im gonna EXPLODE. and i dont think its gonna be pretty :(


Well school is almost out :2thumbs: who hooo meaning mY birthday is coming up in july !! WOOT! july 27 yay! im summer baby. I cant wait for the summer im gonna be working at a day camp .. so basically i have the whole summer planned out for me cuz i get to do everything the kids get to do but im gettin paid ! swimming everyday trips and best thing of all Outside all day getting my TAN ONN! WHOOOO HOOO .. me and my sister have been gettin closer so i know we will be hanging out alot which means beach and drinking YAY!


My moms birthday is Tom and i got her some water fountain and then for mothers day me and my sister are planning to get her a dog. Since shes on disablility and is home all day i figuered a companion while im at school/work she can have some1 till i get home. She really wants a dog but we arent really allowed to have them in the complex but i figuered if we get a small shitzu it wouldnt matter much i mean every body on the damn block has a dog this lady even has a great dane i dont even know how she manages how to hide that thing its HUGE! but yeah i hope she likes it :D


well im done rambling on my boring life .. <3 you guys



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:) you have a far from boring life


It is amazing how you think people are friends and they turn out to be worse than people who hate you.


:hug: glad you over Ashley



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