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My brother did that to me, he was was really demanding and because I did not want to get beat anymore by him I eventually did what I was told. It made me a stroger person and I you can say I grew up a little too quickly. I did not want to be a drop out like him, well I wanted to be nothing like him. It got me where I am today, finished school moved out at 18 I have a degree and achieving my career, and I own a home and a car. We hardly ever talk, but I wonder most of the time what if I told on him ? I don't know but I do not dwell on the past just the future. I am glad that you are handling it , all the best to you :)




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:angry: , you know I hate that asshole, and you know what I will do to him if I ever meet him. I hear the trauma that so many members of this forum have gone through and how strong so many of you are, and I feel like a wimp.


Sigh, now I'm depressed :(


:king: Snow Dog

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:hug: Aww Snowy I didnt mean to make you depressed. Yeah and i know how much you hate my half-bro.


Ant (yeah i shorten so many people's names) thanx for your words.



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I'm gonna team up with Snowy :angry:







*hands Tob the :mace: while I put on the brass knuckles and keep the pliars and diagonal cutters in my back pocket *

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