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Nude Swimming



So, I wrote this post last night, but I forgot to hit 'Publish' so that's why it's up now.ORIGINAL POST:I always feel really embarrassed after I post. Is this normal?I don't know if it's because I


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Matt....given that scene, I would be having creepy nightmares....yikes.


In any event, now I am not going to be able to get that image from my mind's eye.


It is one thing to be comfortable in one's own home (minus the family members) with one's S/O, research partner or fun friend, hook up, but um naked family swimming...yikes.


There is a nude beach (mostly Gay) near me and well I sunburn something awful, and well, like you, I just don't go there (even if I tanned)....its something to have the hotties in stories....reality, well (and I am no stud...even with gym 6 days a week to stay healthy...those abs of jelly will never be abs of steel for me and I HATE every hot guy who has abs of steel....the "B" word comes to mind...my stomach area, my weak point..)


but geez, no wonder you are up late....such a scarey image....like Fright night or something.


in any event, this may sound silly, but after posting a post (if I reveal something personal), I turn beat red after I post it (I can feel me blushing) and then, like you, I get embarassed and self conscious...every time, yet I post...hmmmm...oh well, back to work..


it is nice to know I am not the only night owl..always have been here...born in the early morning and like it best staying up late...now a morning person, I will never be.


ok, now I am blushing and your post is making me have images of pools and those that are in them that I care not to....you must be still recovering from that trauma..add to that and being Gay and seeing a naked sister, her dad and her brother...ok, I must stop....my computer is freaking out too.



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Interesting experience Matt. I probably would have been uncomfortable too, but I wonder, then, if I'm the one with issues and not the family? Why are we Americans so hung up on nudity? The human body is a beautiful thing, especially female bodies. You can look at a painting, appreciate it's beauty, and not want to f**k it, right? I think it is the Puritan influence, the same mores that are used to dictate the homosexuality is wrong, or that other people's viewpoints should be repressed.


I say, next time, rip off your clothes, jump in, and know that you are doing your part to overcome the influence of these bigots.

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Well, Matt, there's certainly one thing you got going for you, your life isn't dull. Confusing and wierd maybe, but not dull. For a writer, that's got to be a big plus.


Being 54 and having been told, twice recently, that I look better with clothes on, and, believe me, I was not nude either time, I can certainly appreciate the uhh ...distress that you encountered. :lol: So, enjoy your youth! You might want to do the nude swimming thing sometime - perhaps in a more comfortable context. At the very least, it would make for a great blog. :P


Developing a discipline around your writing is a super idea. Now would be the right time to do that in order to reap the long term benefits. Yes, I agree, it's difficult. Just think though of how happy you'll make your devoted fans as we get regular chapters. 0:)


BUT, you've got to set this up to give youself the best chance to win. One year is way too long a period. Why not start with 30 days to begin with? I don't know if one page is too much but it might be when you're ill or out-of-town attending an event. How about 30 minutes a day? It's a start towards that structure.


If you miss a day, don't go beating yourself up and quit. Determine what went wrong, fix it if you can and re-commit. It would also be useful to have a friend, someone you trust, whom you can check in with once a week to let him know how you're doing - this is the accountability part, so don't pick someone who's going to let you bullshit him.



Conner :boy:

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