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I refuse to Graduate without Honors!



Ok so I normally don't care about my class rank or how I compare to others. But today I was just a tad bit curious, so I ask my guidance counselour (SP?) what I'm ranked as. I'm 16th out of about 50. Not bad but then I got talking to somebody else, someone who's been to this school alot longer than I have.

Turns out the top ten are the only ones who get honors at graduation. So she brings up the fact that these two mentally handicapped kids (one girl, one guy) are #1 and #2. Now we know this for a FACT, so right now instead of having to move up 3 spots, i need 5 spots!! now that may not seem like alot but it is. So right now I'm convinced that this school is out to get me, the students, teachers and now the lists :/


Anyways, I have orientation at the Tech College next month... you should see the hot guys they have there :o **drool** ANYWAYS I'm still looking for another job or two, I applied at Radio Shack and I'm gonna try OfficeMax and maybe a resort or two.




Song of the Day: Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters


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You can do it Natertot! No one I know is as much of a smartass as you are :P and I say that with all the love 0:) I know you can do it and if not... you could always go with plan B... act handicapped. :o It seemed to work for Jessica Simpson... at least I think that has to be an act... :blink:

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Awww, nateypoo, sowwy to hear about the troubles. :hug:


Just so you know, you are in my top 10% ;)


:king: Snow Dog of the House of Polly


P.S. no, I was not hitting on you with that comment.

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poor sweet pea :( i just all your blog entries, ive been a slacker when it comes to the blogs <_< you know my MSn name, and email, and all that stuff if you ever need to talk hun :hug: gots to take care of the Natertot :wub:

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