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So, picture this, me in class sitting next to a girl I vaguely know who flirts a lot. Anyway, in a little break in the lecture she asks me how my essay is going. Not wanting her to think I'm a total slacker I answer 'Oh, alright I guess' instead of the honest answer of, 'Not even started'. She casually says, 'I don't think mine's very good, but I think I should have it done for tomorrow'. At this point my stomach starts to do that painful twisty turny thing as I try to fake my own casual tone and say 'Tomorrow?' to which she replies, 'Um, yeah, tomorrow, when it's got to be in for...wednesday...' Now, if I didn't know better I'd say at this point that my heart and my stomach met up and tried to switch places and escape from my body at the same time. I manage to choke out 'Oooh, right, heh, I thought it was monday today.' Fortunately at that point the lecture resumes and I can sit and quietly think 'OH MY GAAAWWWWDDDD' See, I thought, and have written down that the essay was due in next monday, the 22nd. Not this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *takes deep calming breaths* So, here's me not even having chosen an essay and I have to write 2000 words for tomorrow. I managed to get a bit calmer though. See, I know I have no hope of doing 5 pieces of reading and note making and also writing it in time for tomorrow. Here's my plan. It's going to have to be late. In a second (when my ipod's finished charging) I'm going to go to the library and stay there until I've done at least 5 pieces of reading, relating to the title that I'm just about to choose. Then I'm going to take all day wednesday to write it. Then I'm going to check it over on Thursday morning and hand it in. I'll lose a couple of marks for it being a day late, but I really think it's better for it to be a day late than on time and very poorly written. Now I just have to decide on a title...I really think I'm not going to do the one which mentions confucious about 20,000 times... :(



Also, I am fine, and eating and all that good stuff :D just to keep you all updated.


Also also, this font sucks doesn't it?


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Good luck Ben. Have you verified with anyone else in the class about the due date?


:king: Snow Dog of the House of Polly

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Good luck Ben. Remember- it could be much worse.


You could have been assigned to be Dick Cheney's hunting partner. :lmao:

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omg sweety, that sounds sucktastic :( , what a mean proffesor to not change the due date to the date you thought it was :thumbdown: will send you good vibes and thoughts of inspiration :hug:

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:D *wonders if you managed to finish despite the 5 hour break you took yesterday * :P


:hug: hope you did :)

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