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Well this is something



I never expected myself to be actually doing this. I was kind of coerced into doing this by some nameless ones from GA


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Hey Jules


Welcome to the Blogging world. :D


That was a good first atempt. Hearing about you and :wub: Vision just makes me want to say aaawwwee. :2thumbs: I wish the two of you all the best.


As for the "Outing Thing" There is no need to rush, it will happen when it happens.


Looking forward to hearing more in the future. :D


Rob :boy:

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Damn, I'm a bit more active then decide I need to sleep and I miss all the good stuff. Maybe you'll let *me* know sometime



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Hey Jules,


The movie you are referring to is 'The Wedding Banquet'. :2thumbs:


I agree that it's a great one for anyone to see (in fact I have it on DVD).


Take Care,



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Thanx for your comments about my blog, i had to clear up some misconceptions about what was occuring with me and Vision.


Also what happened occured in my "real" life, is something which i did was real stupid and regret doing it now.



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