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The Speech



Alright, here's the speech. Anything in quotes replaces what was originally an identifying name or location. .


“Insert remarks address important people”

Congratulations, we've made it. We've made it through four years of English Term Papers, Dress Code Violations, First Period Math Tests. We've survived Biology extra credit even if the extra credit wasn't always so creditable.. Some of us have spent our nights writing essays, others have spent the night playing videogames, while a very few have been lucky enough to sleep.


Perhaps I overemphasize the work. We have also participated in “School Spirit Day”, found time to "throw" freshmen in the pool, participate in athletics, mock trial, drama, join clubs, help orphans, and make friends. And above all we've learned thanks to a group of teachers whose efforts can be described as excellent, tireless, relentless, and occasionally Sisyphean.


Most of us entered unable to speak a foreign language, solve an algebra equation, tell the difference between synecdoche and metonymy, or calculate the velocity of an unladen swallow. Some of us still can't. Yet, undoubtedly we now possess skills that we didn't have when we entered “schoolname”. How many of us will panic when it comes time to write a paper for an English class in college? Very few. And how many of us will have to watch the sun come up as we study for a final? None.


Although I would like to thank every teacher who helped this class make it from "schoolname" into college there are a few that deserve special mention. Thank you to Mrs. -------, Mrs. ------ and Mr. ----- without whom we never would have had the writing skills necessary to write all those agonizing college application essays. A special thank you goes to all the teachers who wrote the countless letters of recommendation. And finally, a big thank you goes to the incomparable college counselor Mrs. ------- without whom most of us would've collapsed in despair before we even started our college applications.


Many classes that come through “schoolname” can make these claims. Yet, I believe our class is different. We've been told we're special often enough after all. But why? Nearly everyone I asked inside of our class and out mentioned one principle: Unity. How many other schools have the Valedictorian sitting at the same table as a football player who's friends with the star of the school play? The chasm between Dorm and Day Students was as wide as the differences between our respective languages. Yet over four years, even that chasm has been bridged and friendships have been formed. Within our class there are no established cliques, no barriers of “popularity.” We have become not just not classmates but friends as well.


In a few months we go to our respective schools and the title of “Seniors” will transfer to the class of 2007. We will head out in different directions. Some of us will stay in contact, some of us will drift away. Nobody knows what the future holds in store, yet the friendships we've made, and the knowledge we've learned will stand us in good stead as we head out into the great unknown.






Yay for platitudes! Every single Math or Science teacher I talked to asked me what "Sisyphean" was. Ah the joys of a liberal arts education. I also got my subtle jab at the administration; three out of the four teachers listed are leaving because of the idiocy of an administrator. But there's also humor if you look for it




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It's disgraceful that ANY english teacher would not know what sisyphean means...or be unable to figure out its etymology.





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Guest Kitty


Sissy who? :P:rolleyes:


Seriously, I was especially impressed by the lack of cliques. If that's true, it speaks very highly of your class and gives me hope for the future.


I am quite curious about the "not so creditable" Biology extra credit. Inquiring minds could go in many directions with that.


Kitty :D

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It's disgraceful that ANY english teacher would not know what sisyphean means...or be unable to figure out its etymology.







Oh, whoops. My apologies for not being clear. It was the Math & Science teachers who didn't who Sisyphus was. Trust me, all of the English teachers at my school could teach at the college level. It's what we were (before they left :( ) known for as a school.



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Ahem, as (I believe) the reigning Math-Science geek at the site (although I see a few who could easily overtake me in a few years) I just want it to be known that I knew what Sisyphean meant. But, the undergrad college I went to was not a liberal arts college at the time, but it is now. Ranked rather high as I recall. It always should have been based on the charter and cirriculum, but as it has no liberal arts degrees offered, it was initial categorized as a science and technology school.


Meh ... go figure


:king: Snow Dog

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