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Mind Spill: Part Three

Julian Alexander


So here i am at 5:56am or so (hehe) writing this blog. Couldnt really sleep tonight, dont know why. So i to help me get tired and all, i decided to clean up my room (no it wasnt really dirty) and to get rid of some stuff i keep in boxes in my closet. lol, I got 2 trash bags worth of crap that im throwing away, most of it was old school stuff for some odd reason i kept them. While i was cleaning i did find my elemantary(sp?) yearbook, oh the powers did i look small in that pix, hehe. I wonder what i was thinking when they took that picture, meh probalby some stupid childish thing. So after looking at that year book i moved onto my middle school one (8th grade one), then freshman year of HS year book, finally to my senior year of HS yearbook, man i have really changed, lol. I kept thinking of everything passed by fast (although in reality it went by slow) and also got a little sad bc Im finally closing one chapter of my life to open a new one soon.


B) :graduated: Graduation was last week, On friday-May 26,2006. It started at 10am (Yes school got us one more freaking time, hehe) anyways It was a good ceremony (Nope i didnt graduate with honors) and during that cermony i kept thinking this maybe the last time i see most of these people, also i was thinking who are some of these people (lol, we had over 700something graduate, originally it was to be over 1,000) I mean some of the people that where thier where total strangers to me, Bah atleast i sat near some of me friends. On the thursday before graduation one of my friends was going to have a pool party (just for us). But that dam rain screwed that up :thumbdown: (So no near nude <acutally knowing my friends they would be nude in certain times>hot jocks), and i think i missed the make-up since no one called me, but i did have an email about it i found on monday for it to be made up on sat, oh the irony, hehe.


So here i am a HS Graduate, still awake at 6:12am, actually i think i should head of soon since my laptop battery is about to run out, hehe.




Good Night (or Good Morning)

Jules :read:


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