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Under the weather





It's Monday and I have a ton of work I should be doing. Instead, I'm sitting here on my laptop trying to keep my nose from doing its waterfall impression, my lungs from hopping out of my chest, and my ears from imploding. God I hate being sick. :thumbdown:


This is all Luke's fault too. He was sick for a few days last week and now I am. Should've made him sleep on the couch. :ph34r:


Oh well. I just pray my office doesn't burn down without me there to yell "No running with scissors!" and "No slip'n slide in the breakroom!"


God my office is doomed. :wacko:

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Awwwwwwwwwww :( My poor baby! I'll be right over with some nice soothing... coffee?? and a whistle... at least I can pretend to regulate the half naked, wet boys slip and sliding around... plus I'm pretty sure we can lock up all things sharp for a few days... man survived for centuries without a staple remover or a pair of scissors, although, I'm pretty sure he never made his sick boyfriend sleep in another cave :nuke:


Anyway... get better llike... NOW!!! Dammit :P I kinda like your lungs right where they are pal!


Hugs, Vivian

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