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My Day

Julian Alexander


So how was my day today, it was alright.


I was looking online to see what i needed for my orientaion for college in two weeks or so. I saw that im about to miss deadline for immunization (sp?) paper, so i call i up my mum and tell her i need to go to doctors so he can fill out the form (I've alradey had the vaccinations). So i go, he decides i need a check up, hehe. (He' now my new doctor, i lost contact with my old one). So far my blood pressure is good. Oh and he says im a bit overwieght. Okay i knew i had some baggae on my stomach, but bleh overwieght.....NOOOOOOO. So now i have to go on a new diet. (Most of it was my fault bc i havent gone to gym like i used to and i havent been eating healthy (sp?) ).


So now i have decided to work on a new excercise (sp?) program:


One: Walk/Run in morning for an hr and 30mins.

Two: Walk/Run in the evening for an hr (Starting at 7pm)

Three: Keeping with my gym days <Tuesday & Thursday> (From 4pm-6pm)

Four: Walk to and from to bus station instead of waiting on my mum to take me. (I know Im lazy)


And now my eating habits:


I have to stop eating Junk Food.

Need to eat more healthier food like i used to when i first started about a year and half ago (Yeah somehow i stopped, damn my body)

Oh yeah drink more water (I do drink water but my soda (sprite) intake was little bit high)


So yeah i hope i can keep up with this.


Jules :read:


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