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My life the movie.



Sometimes I wonder if I was destined to always be in the spotlight. Not because I nescessarily want that, but because it seems like every time I am doing something, people can't help but watch.


Every time I have a conversation with my mother in Italian, people literally drop everything they are doing to watch us. And then ask us questions. And then ask us to translate stupid things for them. It's actually pretty amusing. My friend Erini had the best reaction though. She told me to say something romantic to ther. So I told her that her hair was gross and she had a dirty vagina. And she swooned. And then I explained to her what it meant and her exact response was "It doesn't matter what it means, Luigi you just sang me a love song," and then she melted into a swooning puddle. It was hilarious.


When I start dancing is another time that people just seem to be drawn to looking at me. I remeber at my senior prom I danced with my friend Shaniqua (yes that's her real name) to that song "Shake your tail feathers" and shake we did. And we're in the middle of dancing and we both kind of at the same time realize...we're the only ones left dancing. So we look around and the entire room was watching us. Like literally everything came to a screeching halt and everyone was just staring at us, including the wait staff. And then of course freaking Kai starts whooping and was like "Come on Luigi I have a pocket full of singles waiting for you to keep shaking it!" so everyone kills themselves laughing because Kai was a demi-god and everything he said was the funniest thing ever, and me and Shaniqua just started dancing again, and everyone just sat there and watched us.


Anyway, the whole inspiration for this post was a customer's comment the other day at work. Both of my jobs are fairly relaxed environments, especially at the Pharmacy, just because i've been there so long that I just do what ever I want and f**K whoever tells me to do things differently. Well anyway, every so often our radio goes on the frits and just pllays whatever it picks up. One year it was Christmas Carols in the middle of August. One year it was Disco for three straight weeks. One day about 2 years ago it just kept playing the same song over and over again.


Well this time it picked up a Rap/Hip-Hop station. So I'm goofing off, because that's what I do best at work. My bosses actually don't mind that much because customer's laugh at me, and a happy customer apparently is a returning cutomer. So anyway "We Belong Together" was playing so I walked over to one of my co-workers and I grab her and start dancing with her in the aisle. And people are like aweeeeee. And the conversation was literally movie dialouge, it was so corny and rehearsed sounding.


Marina: "Oh, we're dancing?"


Me: "Yes."


Marina: "Why?"


Me: "I don't know, because life's too short not too?"


And the 4 old ladies who were watching us were like Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It was cute.


So then the very next song is "Get Busy" and regardless of how overplayed and retarded that song is I love it. So I sing the first 2 or 3 lines and Marina dies laughing, and says something to the effect of "You don't actually know all the words do you?" And of course I do know all of the words so I'm too busy singing and making her laugh to say anything, I just grab her by the hips and we start dancing again. I should mention that when I dance, I dance like a starving hooker. So of course as is the norm for my life people start watching. Like the girl at the register who starts whooping and hollering. And my cool boss who threw a dollar bill at us. It was pretty hilarious.


So 1.)Life is hilarious B.)My life in particular is like a scene out of a movie sometimes and B.5)I just distracted so this entry is over

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LOL sounds like fun! Life is often much more entertaining than any movie ever could be!


Take care and stay in character ;)


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