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The Unpopular Party



Brittany is the only pne of my friends that is the slightest bite relable or that just flat out dont hate me... i am yet to decide which yet. My family always has a fourth of july cook out at my house, we have chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, steak kabobs, potatoe salad, and anything else you can think of... and i, naturally, invite brittany brandi and trav... since they are all my best friends. I told each of them this on saturday, i called them, checked to see if they had plans for the fourth or not... it turns out non of them did. So i told them all to show up around three or four and everyone of them told me to call and remind them today. Brittany calls me first and tells me that she will be here at three. I then call Brandi and she said that she didnt know if she would come, and i asked why and she said that she had to help her mom and dad finish the deck around their pool and for me to call her back around 4. I called trav and he said that he would talk to his mom and for me to call him back at 4. So at for i called brandi and she said that she would be up in a minute... and when i call travis he said that him and his little brother were gonna go fourwheeler riding... the same thing he had done the day before... Anyway brandi didnt show up and it came a really bad storm and i hope trav got caught in it... the bastard it serves him right... I am tired of being yanked around by these two... morely trav than brandi, because brandi hardly ever does it.


Anyway so today... me and brittany made plans to go and see pirates of the caribean 2 friday night... we are gonna invite brandi and probably a couple more people... i told britt she could invite trav if she wanted to that i had a much better plan for him. I am gonna wait until we get out of the movies and call him while we are at the restaurant and be like "hey, we went to the movies tonight... i would have called and invited you but... i didnt feel like wasting my breath." and then i would hang up on his ass... i do believe that our friendship is pretty much over... i'm not gonna be mean to him or anything... well except for the movie thing... and then i will just let us drift apart... call him once or twice before school starts... maybe... it just depends... i am just so tired of working on a friendship that is not really cared for. All i know is that if one of my friends called and invited me to there house for something i would be there... i wouldnt give it a second thought. But i guess not all people are like me. I'm just glad that i am finally over the bastard. But anyway... i think i will not do the movie phone call, but just not invite him and then call him and talk to him the next day and tell him about it... and just talk to him, then i just wont call him for the rest of the summer... let our friendship drift apart... I mean i have tried everything in the world to save it, but its just obvious that he doesnt want it or he is just really stupid... and sometimes i think it is the latter. I have tried talking to him and telling him that he wasnt being a good friend and i didnt know if our friendship would work out and he told me no, that i was his best friend... that he trusted me more than anyone and that he wanted us to stay friends... but i dont feel like putting the energy into it anymore... i really dont... I think the drifting apart thing will be the best thing for me... it seems that is what he wants because he sure doesnt show any interest in furthering our friendship... hell he dont ever call me, i always have to call him and half the time he is not home and he never calls me back... so yeah i just dont care anymore...


But oh well... me and brittany had a good time by our selves and that is always good... i am a little sad that i didnt get any comments last post... but oh well... you win some you lose some right?


Song for the Blog: Straight Up - Halifax


(because i need trav to straight up now tell me is he ever gonna be a true friend?"


later ~ nick :read:


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Didn't you already have a talk with Trav about being a "real friend"?


Maybe you need to remind him of that and not speak with him for a while. If he notices and comes crawling back, then that shows he cares (somewhat, at least) ... and if not, then you're better off without him. At least you've gotten over your crush on him, though.





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Hey Nick!


First of all I'm like about to go comment on your other blog, I'm just kinda behind on all my blog reading **blush**


It sounds like Brittany is a good friend. Lets see I think this is from another entry "Summer's a bust" :


So any my trav and brandi suck and brittany doesnt, so that should have you up to date. Summer sucks cause the only person that i have seen since it has began is brittany. I have went to one of her softball games, she has came to my house once and i have went to hers in these 2 short weeks.


Also, and I can't find where you posted it right now, but wasn't Brittany the one of your friends that you'd considered coming out to before? Basically I guess I'm just saying it sounds like she's an awesome friend and I hope you appreciate that :D (but I'm sure you do :D ).


As for Trav, I think you're right; you did your part it's up to him now.


Anyway take care and have a great rest of the summer! :hug:



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