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Meh, who needs a title?



Ok first off this is just a bunch of complaints so just ignore them...




I've been reflecting on my life lately, all these major changes I've gone through the past few years. I've noticed that I am no longer who I was and I feel like I don't even know who I am. I've pulled away from alot of dear friends I had when I lived in Florida, and I no longer talk to a few that actually helped me find light in my circumstances. Another thing I noticed was that I no longer write or draw like I used to. I used to be a star pupil in art, and I had piles of little poems I would write during class and time I had to myself. I no longer feel like I'm alive, I have no idea what happened within the past 3 years to make myself lose who I really am.


I know sometimes I can come off as all confident, but that is just a front. A huge front that I have built to make it look like I know who I am. What little I do know about myself, I'm proud of.


I've notice these mood swings lately too, one day I can be all depressed, the next I'm mellow as hell. Then at others times I can be all bitchy and the next I'm sympathetic.


My life before GA was very turbulent, I went through alot of personal problems, and some very serious issues. I can pretty much say that the only reason I'm as sane as I am is because alot of the people at GA have provided a good foundation as I am rebuilding my life and who I am. I'd really like to extend alot of thanks to those people, and I think you know who you are :P




End of complaints :P lol


Other news:


1. I've gotten pretty much everything set at the Tech college, I'm taking four classes at the college and one at the high school still.


2. My car has been nothing but problems, lol, but I can't complain because I know its a luxury and I could be riding a bike 8 miles to work every day.


3. The divorce is only a third of the way done... yay... lol


and a bunch of other small stuff that doesnt really matter :P




Blog Song : The Gift - Seether


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I can speak for most people at GA, We would LOVE to read any poems you write, and look at your drawings.


:P I can too speak for them ... part of my rights as Emperor


:king: Snow Dog

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Wow Natey :unsure: ...if you really miss how you used to be, why not try writing and drawing again? Why not try to gain contact with those old friends again, and like Snowy said, post your old poems, we'd enjoy reading your work :) .


I also think we all wish to appear confident and may not actually be as confident as we appear to be, but I think that's a part of being human. I agree and think GA is the perfect place for gay teens to build a foundation in their life with good friends, good people and a positive enviroment. :)


Take care Natey :)



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