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We Rode the Queen and She was Fun

Coming Undone


Hi Everyone B)


Well we made the trip across the Atlantic and dudes what it a trip it was. :great: Now I know how the rich white folk live and let me tell you, they live way too good!


We had lots of fun and J&R met some new friends. As for Killer and I, lets just say that we became a lot closer, literaly ans well as figuritively. :whistle:


To thoughs that know the story we did the sneaker thing on the last formal night and it was a big hit even with the old folk (Big Surprise) at least most of them. :2thumbs:

One guy in his seventies, or so he said, told me that he wished he'd thought of it. He was real kewl to talk to, and hoot!


So now we're in London and doing all the touristy things.


Yesdterday we we're at the Tower of London, even though I've been there before it was fun to watch B,J,&R seeing it for the first time. I had to point out Prince Albert's ring to

Billy as we have been talking about PA's. :lmao: Hahahahahahaha!!!


We're going to be here for a few more day's and then we are off to Paris. I'm looking forward to that most of it will be new for me.


I want to say a BIG HI to:


Miss Vivian :wub: Hope things are kewl.

Dave So near yet so far. BTW we got the trunk for two. :ph34r: Hahahahahaha!

Kevin The Bard Man and Kevin AFA not to be confused with AFI :D Hahahahaha

Drew I hope your having fun. :*)

Nate Stay cool buddy

Micheal from Jersey, keep the faith. :hug:

and last but certainly not least

James S it's got to be hot down there. :*) And no I was talking about the south for all you guy's with your minds in the gutter. Hahahahaha


Oh, almost forgot the big 21 is coming up in a few days. :2thumbs: Can't wait to see what these guiy's thought up to celebrate!

Ssssshhh! Don't tell them but I've caught protions of conversations and I know thier planing something.


Now it's off to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.


I hope to update later but for now.


I'm Coming :devil:


Shit almost forgot, Joe, Josh, Robert, and Billy say hi to all of you. There that should save my neck> Hahahahahaha


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Hey Eric!! :D


I'm so glad you're having so much fun!! :2thumbs::D:great:


LOL I need to read more carefully:

One guy in his seventies, or so he said, told me that he wished he'd thought of it. He was real kewl to talk to, and hoot!

I read that as "hot" not "hoot". :lmao::lol:


Awww thanks for the transatlantic greetings! :great::D


I hope you have an awesome birthday! I'm sure it'll be totally wonderful and amazing, especially since you're overseas with some of your favourite people!! Take care and have an awesome time :D:hug:



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Hey Eric,


Happy Birthday dude, :wizard: I know your going to have one hell of a day. :2thumbs:


Kidnap Davey and Chris and bring them back with you alright. :ph34r: Davey

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Hey Eric,


Hope y'all have fun over there :P and also hope ya have a great 21st b-day.


Oh and its not only hot in the south, I thought minnesota was supposed to be cold... lol


Have Fun!


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Aww thanks :*)


And Happy 21st :D . Btw Mine comes on sept 3 :)


Glad you guys on had fun on the ship, you could always stop by to see Ben and Mark.


Say hi to Joe, Billy, Robert, Josh for me.

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Hot? This morning I thought my face was going to melt off.


Glad that you had a nice trip and are back on the board.

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Im so glad you enjoyed the trip over andI'm glad the sneaker plan worked with out a hitch :)


Listen man, Theres no need to kidnap Chris and I, we'll come perfectly willingly.. :P


Oh do we get to see said PA's if you get them done :P


Enjoy the rest of your trip... *looks over shoulder* nup I'm still good I don't know how comfy that trunk is gonna be :P



Laters and Take care




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Way cool...great post from across the Pond!


Thanks for the shout out and nice message......We all miss you tons :wub:


Glad to see you and Killa also know as your Main Squeeze got extra close :2thumbs::wub:

and everyone is having fun!!!


See ya soon when you get back to this side of the Pond!





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