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Saturday Night... and then some...



So the plan for saturday night (last night) was for me, brittany and brandi to come ot my house and watch the for movies that my mom had rented (chicken litte, Failure to Launch, Rumor Has it, and The Family Stoned). I went and got brandi, and we went to my house to wait for brittany to call. An hour later and no call from brittany so i called her, her and her mom had got into a big fight and she wouldnt let brittany come. Oh well, so me and brandi decided that we didnt want to be the only two people there at my house watching movies, so we got on the phone and calling people. As a last resort brandi mentioned trav (btw she knows about the whole i-dont-think-he-is-a-good-friend-thing) and i said sure but he wont come. I told her that since she was the one that mentioned his name, she could call him and ask... so she did, and you know what he did... he asked to talk to me... so of corse i talked to him and he asked me did i want him to come and told him to come if he wanted to that i wouldnt bothered by it, and not to come if he didnt want, either way i was fine... and the he has the balls to ask if he can spend the night.. I tell him that if he wanted to he could but not to even mention it if he was just gonna come and sulk around... he said that he would bring swim trunks and all of the star wars movies... So i hung up with him... me and brandi start talking about school and how we want to have our classes together again this year... he calls, so i answer the phone and the first words out of his mouth was, mom font want to bring me she said it was to late and so i just said ok, i heard him say something about tomorrow just before i hung up...


Anyway... me and brandi had a blast... we through popcorn at each other, gossiped, and watched the movies together... anway it was awesome...


So, i am sorry about last blog, i just had to get that out because he confuses me so much, and now i dont even feel that way any more... i dont feel depressed, i dont feel anything in particular for him, because i really havent thought about him like a friendly way like i do about brittany and brandi, like every day i wonder what my bitches are up to and stuff like that, i havent thought of trav since saturday night (last night)... i guess it aint really been that long, but anyway i am just glad that my drifting plan is working, and i hope that i dont here from him till school starts. Oh well what can you do...


So i am excited about the summer anthology... i cant wait to read everyones, and i hope i get some really good friend back on mine... i love feed back on everything i do... even blogs, so please keep on leaving comments and stuff... i love you guys piece out. (how bad did i sound saying that)


Song for the Blog: Gone - Kelly Clarkson


(because you know you did it, i'm gone)


later ~ nick :read:

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Hey Nick!


watch the for movies that my mom had rented (chicken litte, Failure to Launch, Rumor Has it, and The Family Stoned).


:lmao::lol: I think it's "The Family Stone" not stoned....although that could possibly make for a very funny movie too. :boy: I never saw Chicken Litttle, but I saw and loved the other three! My favourite may actually have been "The Family Stone", but "Rumor Has It" was awesome too! (I did like "Failure to Launch", just not quite as much).


Anyway I'm glad you had a good time! Take care and have a great day :D


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